Issuance of a travel document to the child.
Reasons for obtaining the service.
The service is provided on the initiative of the applicant.
How to get the service.
1. Submit an application and necessary documents;
2. apply to the territorial or VHI unit and obtain a travel document of the child or a refusal to register it.
Cost of services and benefits.
The cost of services is 30.35 UAH. The cost of the form is 24.00 UAH.
In case of urgent (within 10 days) registration:
Submitting the application.
Personally (aged 16 to 18 years) or legal representative.
Required documents.
a statement in which information about the applicant is indicated: surname, name, patronymic, passport data (series, passport number, by whom and when issued, place of residence), telephone number; a payment document (receipt) with a bank note, a postal service branch or a code of an operation carried out to pay the cost of the public service and the cost of the form; a notarially certified petition of parents (or legal representatives of parents or children) in case of necessity of independent departure of such persons abroad, and in the case when parents are not married to each other, the one with whom the child lives. If there is objection from one of the parents, the document may be issued on the basis of a court decision. For children from 14 to 18 years of age, the statement notes the absence of circumstances restricting, in accordance with the law, the right to travel abroad; passport of a citizen of Ukraine, and for children under 16 years of age – a certificate of their birth (after the documents are returned); the consent of the child, is executed in writing and notarized (in case of departure from Ukraine for permanent residence of children aged 14 to 18 years); three photos in the size 35�45 mm. Term for the consideration of the application The application for the processing of the travel document of the child is considered within 30 working days from the day of filing the documents (early – up to 10 working days – registration is carried out on applications of citizens), and if the trip is associated with urgent treatment of a departing person, accompanied by a seriously ill patient, or the death of a relative who lived abroad – within three working days. In case of departure for permanent residence abroad of a child, a citizen of Ukraine, adopted by foreigners, the passport is issued within 10 working days. In case of departure to permanent place of residence (emigration) – up to 3 months.
The result of receiving the service.
Issuance of the travel document of the child.
The term of the document that is the result of the receipt of the service.
Up to three years or until the child reaches 18 years of age.
Grounds for refusing to provide a service.
Work with information constituting a state secret – before the expiration of the period established by the Law of Ukraine “On State Secrets” (in case of going abroad for permanent residence – after 16 years);
there are unsettled alimentary, contractual or other unavailable obovyazannya – before the obovyazan or resolution of the dispute on the agreement of the parties in cases provided for by law, or the provision of obligations with a pledge, unless otherwise provided by an international treaty of Ukraine; a criminal case was instituted – until the end of the proceedings (after 14 years); convicted for the commission of a crime – before serving a sentence or release from punishment (after 14 years); evasion of the fulfillment of the obligations imposed on him by a court decision, the decision of another body (official), – until the fulfillment of obligations; consciously informing oneself about untrue information – until finding out the causes and consequences of presenting false information; in respect of a citizen a civil claim was filed in court – until the end of the proceedings; stay under the administrative supervision of the internal affairs bodies – until the termination of supervision.
The term of application in the SMS of Ukraine and the responsibility in case of its violation.
Acts of legislation governing the provision of services.
Hello. My child’s father is in Russia. I went to the notary. He said in the RF base there is no sample application for issuing a travel document. Tell me, please, what to do?
Please contact the following contacts:
������ ��� (044) 278-50-30.
Passport servis (044) 392-01-94.
������� ��������� ������ ������ – [email protected]
Gromadska priymalnya DMS of Ukraine – [email protected]
Daughter with his ex-wife left for America. The permission to leave for the child ends in 2 months. What to do? What is the risk of delay in returning?
You need to apply to the Ukrainian embassy, you will be given a temporary permit, you need to have an old permit with you, as well as a birth certificate.
If the daughter does not arrive on time, than it threatens her?
It is necessary to leave for a week in the Russian Federation and take along an underage daughter. We’ll come back separately. I wish that the nanny would return to Ukraine with her child, and my wife and I will be delayed. What documents are needed for a nanny and a child?
To the child 2 years, in February we are going to a couple of days in Moscow. What documents are needed for a child to cross the border?
I have not been able to get through to Ovir on August 23 to get information about the readiness of the Children’s travel document for the child!
What is it I do not understand?
I want to clarify about the child’s passport, my child lives with me in Odessa, and is registered in Kharkov, my father lives in Kharkov too! Can I issue documents to him in Odessa or at the place of registration? And is it necessary for the father to notarize application for filing documents? and why do not the Avir employees want to answer questions in Odessa, and have they done everything everywhere, I would like to know, a roll call at 13:00, in order to file documents?
Hello, our dad left for Russia and left a natorial power of attorney for the departure of the child. I’m making my ticket for the son and from me they demand a natorial agreement from both parents for the ticket clearance, but our father is already a month in Russia. to fly to the father?
Good afternoon! My spouse and I issued a foreign passport in April 2014 (at the same time an application was made for entering the given child into the passport), since we live in the Lugansk region, our passports were suspended for a year in Lugansk, and in May they were taken away. But there was no data about the child. When I visited OVIR at the place of residence, I was refused to enter data about the child in the passport, I am motivated by a change in the legislation from 01.04.2015. But after all the passport was issued in 2014 and the application for entering data on the child, too. How do I add information about a child?
Explain, please, why did you need to get a travel document for the child (valid for 3 years) if, at the border crossing with one of the parents, you still require the original notarized authorization from the second parent, indicating the country you are going to enter and the dates of your stay abroad.
Hello. We want to go to Belarus with my family. Tell me please what documents are needed when crossing the border if we have a minor child (9 years)
Departure to the Crimea is it necessary for the father’s permission to take the child to his grandmother? After all, it seems as if this permission was already canceled.
Good afternoon, we are going with a child of up to 2 years to visit relatives in Russia for a week, what kind of a document to present a child for today: a passport or a travel document?
clarification: there are two parents with the same name and a child.
good afternoon. we want to go to Moldavia, a child is only a month old. Papa is our citizen of Moldavia, and I am a citizen of Ukraine. In the certificate the child is Ukrainian, but we are not married, he is registered in the birth certificate. we can transport it across the border according to testimony, eat together.
Hello, a child of 5 years is entered in the passport of both parents, but they say that this does not work anymore, you need a separate foreign passport for the child?
Good afternoon. At us the situation is happy interesting. In February 2014, together with his wife, they applied for a passport. After 1.5 months they were ready. I took my own, and my wife immediately decided to enter the child (1 year). A month passed, the second, but she was not in a hurry to give the passport, and then it turned out that he was returned to Kiev for alteration (turned out to be defective). Then began the ATO and her passport was only able to pick up a year later in Mariupol, but it turned out that the child was not entered. In fact, the state took the money, but did not fulfill its obligations. Now temporarily we live in Russia and it turns out that the child does not have a passport, nor is it written anywhere. Tell me what to do in this situation? Can we fit a child? Do we have a receipt for payment?
At the age of 15 I opened a visa in the United States for 10 years, I was about to re-fly, but a problem arose, I got an adult passport for traveling abroad, what should I do with a child, I must transfer my visa or just go with two passports, tell me how to get out with the situation?
Hello, I do not have an ordinary situation but I would like to receive a competent answer. My daughter, three years ago, married in Turkey for a Turk, they gave birth to my grandson, respectively, he is an Everything is fine in the family now. the question is so that it is necessary (what documents) to ensure that my daughter came home to Ukraine for a year somewhere with her grandson, the husband’s permission is given. and then so that on the basis that she is gr.Ukraine, baby, too, take the gr.Ukraine.
I want to go to turtsyyu myself to me 16 years that you need to arrange a children’s travel card I do not understand in part.
I want to make a child a passport, what is needed for this? The child will be present at the filing.
Good afternoon, the question is: We are citizens of Ukraine, now we are in the Russian Federation. Recently twins were born, they have Russian birth certificates, the wife is traveling alone with them to Ukraine. What documents are needed for them to cross the border by air, there and back. In advance thanks for the answer.
Good afternoon, We are residents of the Crimea. Have you learned in absentia at school, in Ukraine, do you need a passport for a child to be allowed back to the Crimea on the same day?
Why is the site obsolete data on the issuance of documents for the departure of children abroad? Where is the list of documents and quotations for a passport for traveling abroad for children? Why is still required notarial consent of parents for issuing a passport for traveling abroad?
It is no longer required. Tell me where can I find the exact list of documents for minors? Thank you.
For a child of 14 years, you need to make a certificate of non-conviction for obtaining a travel abroad or not?
Tell me, what documents are needed for the child’s export abroad? It is necessary to make a travel pass or passport, thanks in advance!
Tell me please. if the mother with the father is divorced, I am the older sister, can I make a passport for the youngest (8years old), or should the mother herself go and file documents? and if I can leave only with the permission of my mother, do I need permission from my father?
whether it is possible for us parents to submit the necessary documents for obtaining a passport for Ukraine for a child of 17 years and then pick up a passport without a child. and if a biometric passport is not possible without the presence of a child.
I am a Ukrainian citizen, my husband is a Frenchman. Our children 4 and 6 years old have French travel documents. I am now in Ukraine, but my close relatives live in the Crimea (mother, grandmother of 90 years, etc.) They want to see the children. Will my children and me cross the border in the Crimea according to their French documents or need to have some additional permits. And where do you get them?
Chi obovjazkovoy presence of oboj batkiv (inhabitants of Sevastopol) for filing documents for otrymannya zardordonnogo passport ditini 2016 th rock folk (at the time – 5 months, in the breast year).
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It is necessary to go to Lithuania through the Belarusian border with a child of 2 years. A travel document has been issued for the child, the expiry date is 2 more years, and the Belarusian border was told to exchange, t..k. photo is pasted where the child is 4 months old. They applied to the passport office of Chernigov, they said they need only a passport for the child. Do you really need to issue a passport or will it be enough to reissue a travel document? Mom moved from Gorlovka, registration for Snovsk (Chernihiv region), single mother.
Good afternoon, son of 15 years. Going to competitions abroad, which you need to collect documents for the formulation of a passport passport.
Good afternoon! Tell your child 2 months how can we go abroad? Do you need to make a travel or passport?
Tell me please, we have children 6 and 13 years old entered in the passport. Now we want to issue visas, but we were told that children need to get passports. Although previously said that those who introduced children before April 15, 2015g. can apply for a visa and cross the border. At us children are entered in January, 2015�. Tell me, what should we do? Do we have the right not to get passports for children? Thank you.
Good afternoon. At the child the passport is not bio. The boy is 2 years old. Do I need to rewrite the passport for biometric? Thank you.
Good afternoon! Tell me, please, for traveling to a child of 14 years you need a passport or permission to leave the child.
My husband has a biopasport, I’m an ordinary passport with a glued photograph of the child (8 years old), sv-in the birth of a child, svid-in about marriage. Also all three have maps of Poland’s stay. Please answer: can there be problems on ukr. customs at the border crossing with respect to the child. Crossing the border all three. Do I need any additional documents?
I’m doing a foreign passport for a child of 13 years. Where can I look ready or not?
Good afternoon! A daughter with two children (8 and 3 years old) lives in Simferopol, both have a Ukrainian birth certificate. They want to come to their relatives in Zaporozhye. Will children be allowed to cross the border on the birth certificate or do they need a travel document for the child? Can this document be issued without children with one parent or a grandmother with parents’ passports and children’s certificates?