Is it worth moving to the Crimea for permanent residence from Moscow?
Early, and in the winter – not gud. It does not even matter which Crimean location we are talking about: the Crimean life is unsettled today – obviously, and after Moscow all this will only irritate. The same nekakovskaya speed is not in the compartment with spontaneous shutdown EE – the authorities do not bother to alert the population – will pull the brain outright. So – remote workers should prepare in advance. No patriotism – it will not save. Checked by personal experience. But buy that thread, rather start the procedure for buying in the secondary market – quite even. After all, it will only be more expensive. Other life prospects are rather vague. Yes, and the usual Crimean circle of communication – has changed a lot: it’s not the stress of achievement, not something worse – the local people are now very good. not easy. Compensations in the form of the sea / mountains / sun and mushrooms in December / January – help, of course, but the overall emotional background.
A friend of mine, a Muscovite, after the speculative business of selling resellers at a high price of tickets for concerts and other events (he made quite good money on these speculations and he was not at all interested after working for his salary), sold his house in Moscow and went to live in Crimea. Year 4 already lives there removes housing. I would in its place bought there real estate to have a residence permit, a pension, free medical service. In Gaspra there are options in new buildings for 270 thousand rubles apartment 13 squares to buy. So he eats up his apartment there. But if you move there to work there and then is not the best option Half of the seasonal work and winter residents suck paw.
Without special reasons it is not necessary. And why? To first try it like this, live in conditions with a lack of water, with a lack of electricity and eventually after some time to be on the territory of Ukraine?
If there is somewhere .. (there is an apartment, you know that your profession is in demand and there is confidence that the work will be), if you are not confused by much less money (or will you continue to work deleted where you work?) And if you do not hesitate to live in a small town (compared to Moscow in the Crimea, all the cities are small)) .. then go ahead .. why not. Still the presence of a car is a significant plus .. in Crimea with a car to live much more fun .. It is important where you are going to live in the Crimea .. If Sevastopol is good, but if something like Dzhankoy .. it is better not)) But in ideal just buy an apartment in the Crimea and come periodically to relax, get better and relax. If you decide to move .. then do not cut all the ends at once .. leave yourself the opportunity to return))
And why should we go there? Buy a house and go on vacation. If there is a question about the need for health reasons, then yes it is. And so.
You need to ask yourself the question of what’s wrong with you in Moscow and what will you do in the Crimea. Moving to permanent residence in another region or country is a very serious act and it is advisable to weigh everything and decide on your own, without the influence of external factors!