Is it worth buying a property in Krakow?
Krakow & ndash; one of the most liquid cities in the world. Is it worth buying real estate here? The answer is obvious.
& mdash; Vova is now renting the city, and I’m shooting it, in such difficult, difficult conditions we prepare the videos. But in general it is worth coming here.
& mdash; Further, Christina spoke very much like a normal woman, but she was not heard because of the strong wind. And on the right, pay attention to such a fog, we will return to it later. We on December 30 climbed onto Kopets Kosciuszki to show you something, tell you about Krakow, real estate. But we became very cold, stuck there for about 20 minutes, while I tuned in, started shooting, Christina also shoots while I’m tuning. There were somewhere 5 tourists, while we were there. They ran, photographed and ran down. In a word, not Everest, but bewitching, piercing wind. So, on the right you see, now I will bring it closer, I will use the maximum 50-fold approximation in my cell wherever. On the right you see Ruchai, the Library of the Jagiellonian University, such rectangular windows are the Vanilla Aparthotel, from below Rosman. This is Ruchai and the most blurred frame in all this video for 10 minutes. This is Eric Paul, I do not know if it was a day like this, maybe the worst situation in Smokey is at smog, we do not pretend to judge, we do not have full information, but on that day it was like that, a bit of us underpinned, but fact.
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& mdash; With that frosty clear day.
& mdash; Yes, a clear day everywhere, now you will see further, for Krakow was very clear, but here Ruchai was in such a haze. At the same time, we can not say that it is far from Kopts.
& mdash; And now the difference is already visible.
& mdash; What did I want? We climb on there, on Kopec Kosciuszki, where you can see the whole of Krakow, I’ll zoom in with my camera and count the cranes, so we’re now playing the game, how many cranes you’ll find. I, frankly, expected to find more, but because of the weather conditions I could not, it was cold, my hands were freezing, the strongest wind blew. What happened, it turned out. And we will tell you what we know. In occasion of the real estate. It’s one thing when we are looking for flats for rent, but it’s another matter when people come and look for an apartment to buy. They find, they like, they pricenyayutsya, begin to consult. Is it worth investing in real estate in Krakow? Is it worth buying? Our opinion is unequivocal. Understand that Krakow is one of the most famous cities in the world, here, I’ve heard such figures, 9 – 10 million tourists a year. What does it mean? This means that your apartment, if you suddenly decide to go further to America, Canada, Australia, Germany – it does not matter. Return back to where you came from. Guys, you will have an apartment in one of the most liquid cities in the world. Once again, we already rented a lot of apartments, personally for us. Understand, one simple thing: I really want to have a lot of real estate here. In Krakow apartments are not empty, they can stand idle in one case. If the owner wants too much money or picks up a tenant for a tenant. This is a very important point. Prices for today, we think, are more adequate than they were in Kiev in 2010. Krakow is one of the most visited cities, we already said that.
& mdash; If I find it, Peter skipped the link to some video, I’ll duplicate it again if I find it. In eighth place Krakow in the world in terms of the number of office spaces built for outsourcing companies. What does it mean? This means that at least only a large number of large companies have moved here from Ukraine and many people have been brought. That is Luxoft, Eric Pal, probably.
& mdash; From Ukraine or from Russia?
& mdash; You’re not digging there. No matter where, they made the office. In fact, they are now the main legal entity in a completely different place, and it does not matter where, the point is not in this. How many people were transferred to Krakow alone? Yes, they transported both to Wroclaw and other cities, but we are now talking about Krakow. The eighth place is the city in the world by some parameter, a city with a population of 700,000 people. Cranes just nemereno, I could not count them, maybe you will succeed.
& mdash; As for outsourcing, there are great prospects and plans for the city, because companies are justified here, and it’s no secret that they work for other big countries. And if these countries still settle here, then there are long-playing plans.
& mdash; You know, in Ukraine there are a number of famous people, I will not call them, all touchy and vindictive. There are a number of experts who believe that their competence extends to all areas. Some experts a year and a half ago said that Poland and the Czech Republic – this is such lean nonsense. Some of these people have already moved to Poland for some reason. Not to the Valley, where it’s very expensive, not to Thailand, where it’s very fun, but for some reason this lean Poland. This whole statistics is also complete nonsense. Well, guys, sorry, in Luxoft, not idiots are working, and not only Luxoft, but also other large companies. Luxoft – because we communicate with them a lot. And the companies that these people work for are also agreements. A lot of big companies moved here. Poland itself makes from Krakow, they even have a whole program “Krakow is a city of start-ups”, they try not to do it to the Valley, I do not like this word, but it’s justifiably simple. One of such European Valley IT, and they get it, because very many here move. Count the taps.
& mdash; I wanted to say more that with the familiar some developers looked inside this system, that the house at the stage of construction, maybe the first stage, and already reserve apartments. Because it is cheaper at the first stage, but payments are already making, etc. Actively bought up, and there is no problem in order to sell this apartment.
& mdash; And for what? In order to take.
& mdash; Mostly yes. In order to take, because I explained to you. They build quickly, and the Germans are competing with Ukrainians in terms of the number of purchases of real estate in Poland, and accordingly in Krakow, I think, too. In a word, our opinion: we love this city, we are fine here, we like it here, so we are talking about it. Something like this. Is there anything to add?
& mdash; And I see that such little houses.
& mdash; Where is this, I wonder? We must go and see. We will try to travel around the regions. Oh, the wind blew, you have to finish. We will try to shoot this year, to make an overview of the districts, like this.
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