International buses.
For all questions about International buses, you can call back to the Contact Center of the company. The site already has basic reference information for a trip abroad, but nevertheless on request you can get information about: the regularity of international bus traffic, discounts on travel, data on departure and arrival in European cities.
Tickets for international buses are sold online on the Internet, at the company’s office, at bank payment terminals, and also in an authorized form in the form of a fiscal travel document that must be presented on the registration of each passenger of the bus.
For a trip on international routes abroad, every passenger is required to have a passport with a valid visa of the corresponding country.
Cabotage of international buses is not allowed, except for domestic European routes, for example from Poland to the Czech Republic or Germany.
The online system allows you to get free reference information about the cost of tickets, the price of tickets on an international flight, the schedule of international bus traffic and the regularity of flights. Also on the site displays the addresses of European bus stations and cities in Europe, which can be reached by buses from Ukraine.
The most popular international destinations are: Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Katowice, Poznan, Szczecin, Vienna, Budapest, Berlin, Rome, Paris, Bratislava, Prague, Brno, Chisinau, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Minsk, Gomel and many other cities.
How to book tickets for buses to Europe.
Order tickets for international buses to Europe can be round the clock, on the site in an online system. At the same time, you can buy a ticket on a bank card, having previously entered the necessary data for electronic processing by bank acquiring. But for convenience, the site has the function of instant booking of tickets, which allows you to reserve a ticket for the passenger’s name for subsequent payment at payment terminals or ticket offices for accepting payments for international tickets.
To change the date of the trip by international bus it is possible in advance, at the same time non-refundable commission is calculated depending on the time period of the flight left for departure to which the ticket was purchased. Those. the earlier you can return the ticket or apply for a refund, the more you can get.
When you transfer the date of departure to Europe – a smaller percentage is retained than when you return the ticket. Refunds are made in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, and also depend on the terms of the passenger fare for various modes of transport.
Tickets for international buses from Kiev.
Bus routes with an international route from Kiev bus stations have less regularity than from Lviv. Buses are sent from several bus stations, as well as from the central bus station. Arrival is carried out on the largest bus stations in European cities, as well as at stops near them.
Among the departure bus stations it is worthwhile to distinguish the AU & quot; Kiev & quot; and & quot; Dacha & quot; which is located near the outskirts of Kiev.
The largest number of international flights depart from the central bus station, because it has the appropriate infrastructure, it is easiest to reach the bus station from all parts of the city and comfortably expect its flight (a spacious waiting room, a luggage room and large aprons for landing).
The central bus station sends flights to Warsaw, Vienna, Budapest, Berlin, Rome, London, Paris, Bratislava, Prague, Chisinau, Moscow, Minsk, etc. Many flights are passing through other European countries and their capitals.
Tickets for international buses from Lviv.
The highest frequency of international flights is the central bus station of Lviv. From Lvov daily flights to Poland, Czechia, Germany, Italy, Slovakia and Moldova leave.
In addition to the central bus station of Lviv – “Stryjsky” international buses send several bus stations, and depending on the proximity of the European country, the departure schedule can be either daily or weekly. The popularity of trips from Lviv is explained by the proximity to the border and the corresponding infrastructure, which makes it possible to service large passenger flows to Europe by buses, trains and airplanes.
The prices for buses from Lviv on international routes also contribute to an increased number of items. For example, in Polish cities you can go for less than 200 hryvnia, and in the Czech Republic and Germany tickets will cost 300 hryvnia cheaper.
Travel to Europe.
To travel by international bus, each passenger must appear for preliminary check of documents at least 30 minutes prior to departure. It is allowed to arrive to the flight later only if the passenger is on the territory of the bus station and can approach Stuart international flight at any time. Every ticket buyer must observe other rules for passengers during the journey.
Baggage of large dimensions must be handed over to the luggage compartment. The maximum allowable baggage allowance is set individually for each passenger vehicle individually but can not exceed 10 units for one passenger.
Passenger seats on the international flight of the bus can not be changed for no apparent reason.
International buses are equipped with bio-toilets, but their use is limited.
The driver of the international bus is obliged to make stops at least every five hours.
International passenger bus transportations are carried out according to the terms of the issued license and the rules, the flights are carried out according to a strictly defined international route, on a schedule and without cabotage passenger transportations on the territory of transit countries, except for the conditions specified in the license for international passenger transportation to the Czech Republic, Poland, Russia , Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, the Baltic States, Bulgaria, Moldova, Belarus, Croatia, Hungary, Austria, Portugal, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Serbia, Slovenia or Slovakia,.
Rules for crossing the state border of passengers of international flights:
Customs and border control and inspection is mandatory for all international buses. Passage through the border is carried out according to the rules of the state customs service.
International buses from Ukraine to the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Belarus, Moldova and Russia.
Buses to Poland.
Buses from Kiev to Lublin, ticket price from 400 UAH;
Buses from Kiev to Chelm, ticket price from 450 UAH;
Buses from Lviv to Helm, ticket price from 350 UAH.
Buses Kiev – Radom, ticket price 390 UAH.
Buses Ternopil – Wroclaw, ticket price 350 UAH.
Buses Ternopil – Krakow, ticket price from 290 UAH.
Buses Ivano-Frankivsk – Krakow, ticket price 350 UAH.
Buses to the Czech Republic.
Buses Kiev – Karlovy Vary, ticket price 1020 UAH.
Buses Kiev – Brno, ticket price 950 UAH.
Buses Chernivtsi – Prague, ticket price 720 UAH.
Buses Chernivtsi – Brno, ticket price 730 UAH.
Buses Zhitomir – Prague, ticket price 1000 UAH.
Buses Zhitomir – Brno, ticket price 950 UAH.
Buses Rivne – Prague, ticket price 850 UAH.
Buses Rivne – Brno, ticket price 850 UAH.
Buses to Russia.
In connection with the proximity of some regions of Ukraine and Russia, the increased passenger traffic both to Russia from Ukraine and vice versa will be natural. Depending on the city, its range and geographical location, passengers will choose the most suitable mode of transport. For example, Moscow as the capital of the Russian Federation is the most sought-after destination for both air passengers and land transport, but other cities, especially northern or eastern Russia, are located so far from Europe that you can get there only with train or plane transfers .
About half of the regions of Ukraine have regular transport connections with Russia. It is on this basis that the eastern and central regions of Ukraine almost daily send buses to Russia, and in particular to Moscow, from which you can then get to all regions of the federation and even the countries of Asia.
International flights to Russian cities:
The cost of tickets for buses to Moscow from Kiev – from 500 hryvnia.
For buses Chernivtsi – Moscow, the price is 600 UAH.
Buses Rivne – Moscow, price 800 UAH.
Buses Zhitomir – Moscow, the price of 600 UAH.
Bus Mariupol – Moscow, the price is 1100 UAH.
Bus Berdyansk – Moscow, the price of 1000 UAH.
Bus Zaporozhye – Moscow, the price of 700 UAH.
Bus Dnepropetrovsk – Moscow, the price of 800 UAH.
Bus Kharkov – Moscow, price 800 UAH.
Buses Kiev – Bryansk, ticket price 500 UAH.
Buses to St. Petersburg from Odessa.
Buses Dnepropetrovsk – Rostov on Don, price 335 hrn.
New flights to Russia, Volgograd and Taganrog.
Buses to Germany.
Buses to Germany to the city of Dortmund via Wettschau, Hamburg, Berlin, Munster, Bremen, Leipzig, Dresden, Dusseldorf, Dortmund, Cologne, Trier, Erfurt, Kassel, Koblenz and others.
A bus to Germany from Lviv: Dresden – Leipzig – Erfurt – Kassel – Dortmund – Essen – Dusseldorf – Cologne – Koblenz – Trier. The price of a bus ticket to Germany is from 1200 hryvnia.
The cost of the ticket Kiev – Trier, – 1800 UAH;
The cost of the ticket Kiev – Dusseldorf, – 1750 UAH;
The cost of the ticket Kiev – Dortmund, – 1600 UAH;
The cost of the ticket Kiev – Hamburg, – 1550 UAH;
The cost of the ticket is Lviv – Hamburg, – 1250 UAH;
The cost of the ticket Kiev – Bremen, – 1550 UAH;
The cost of the Lviv-Bremen ticket is 1200 UAH;
The cost of the ticket Kiev – Dresden, – 1550 UAH;
The cost of the ticket Kiev – Berlin, – 1550 UAH;
The cost of the Lviv-Berlin ticket is 1500 UAH;
The cost of the ticket Kiev – Cologne, – 1550 UAH;
The cost of the ticket Kiev – Kassel, – 1700 UAH;
The cost of the ticket is Kyiv – Koblenz, – 1650 UAH;
The cost of the ticket Kiev – Leipzig, – 1550 UAH;
The cost of the ticket is Kiev – Erfurt, – 1550 UAH;
Buses to Italy.
Buses to Italy from Kiev follow the route: Udine, Mestre, Padua, Vicenza, Verona, Brescia, Milan, Turin and the city of Genoa. The price of tickets to Italy is 2500 UAH.
Buses to Italy to Rome follow the route: Udine, Mestre, Venice, Bologna, Florence, Rome and the city of Naples. The price of tickets on this route to Italy is 2550 UAH.
Buses to Italy from Kiev follow the route: Rimini, Ancona, San Benedetto del Tronto, Pescara and to the city of Rome. The price of tickets on the international route to Italy is 2500 UAH.
Buses to Italy – to Rome and Naples from Lviv follow the route: Udine, Mestre, Bologna through Florence to Rome and the city of Naples. The price of tickets on this route to Italy is 2500 UAH.
To Italy from Ukraine you can buy tickets from Kiev, Vinnitsa, Zhitomir, Rivne, Ternopil, Lviv, Uzhgorod to the cities of Italy: Venice – Padova – Ferrara – Ravenna – Rimini – Ancona – San Benedetto del Tronto – Pescara – Foggia – Bari .
Buses to France.
Buses to France from Kiev follow the route: Strasbourg, Metz, Reims, Paris, Lille. The price of tickets on the international bus route to France from Ukraine is 4300 hryvnia. Tickets for buses to France from Lviv, Zhitomir and Rivne can be bought online – online.
Buses to Spain.
Tickets for buses to Spain from Kiev or from Lviv can be bought for trips to the cities of Madrid, Barcelona, Girona, Lleida, Zaragoza, Valencia, Alicante, Cartagena, Almeria, Granada, Malaga. and others. The cost of tickets is from 5200 to 5800 hryvnia.
Buses to Greece.
The cost of tickets for international buses to Greece from Ukraine is 2850 hryvnia. Buses from Kiev to Athens pass the city of Thessaloniki. Buy tickets to Greece can be sent from the bus stations of Vinnitsa, Khmelnitsky and Chernivtsi.
Buses to Belgium.
Tickets for buses to Belgium from Kiev can be bought for a trip to Brussels and Antwerp. The cost of tickets is – 3650 hryvnia.
Buses to Holland (Netherlands)
Tickets for buses to Holland (the Kingdom of the Netherlands) from Kiev can be bought for a trip to Amsterdam. The cost of tickets for a bus to Amsterdam is – 3200-3500 hryvnia.
Buses to Austria.
Tickets for buses to Austria from Kiev or Lviv can be booked for a trip to the city of Vienna, Salzburg, Graz, Innsbruck or Linz. The average ticket price is 1400 UAH. Buses to Vienna have a regularity 1-2 times a week.
Buses to Hungary.
The price of tickets for buses to Slovakia from Ukraine will be 750 hryvnia (in Budapest). Buses from Kiev and Lviv pass through other cities, and the final destination is the city of Budapest. With transfers, you can leave Odessa, Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, Vinnytsia, Chernigov, Dnepropetrovsk and many other cities.
Buses to Slovakia.
The price of tickets for buses to Slovakia from Ukraine is 350 hryvnia. Buses from Kiev to other cities, and the final destination is – Bratislava. With transfers, you can leave Lviv, Odessa, Mariupol, Vinnitsa, Chernigov and many other cities.
Buses to Bulgaria.
Tickets for buses to Bulgaria from Kiev or Odessa can be bought for a trip to the cities of Varna, Burgas, Golden Sands, Obzor, Ravda and Sunny Beach. The ticket price is 800 UAH.
Buses to Moldova.
Tickets for buses to Moldova for departure from Odessa cost about 120 UAH., And from Kiev – 290 UAH. International buses to Moldova from Ukraine arrive in Tiraspol, Dubossary, Bender and in Chisinau.
Buses to Belarus.
Tickets for buses to Belarus from Kiev can be bought in Minsk, Brest and Gomel.
Forms of tickets for international buses to European countries:
Booking form – A ticket order sheet with payment details for payment, flight number and with the specified amount for payment. It gives an opportunity to order a ticket with unconditional reservation within 24 hours, but not less than 3 days before departure.
Ticket form 1 – a paper form with security elements, which is issued when paying through the cash desk of the central office or when sent by mail.
Ticket form 2 – form of the electronic ticket, which must be printed on the laser printer for presentation when boarding the bus. It is necessary to speed up the registration process on an international flight.
Ticket Form 3 – Ticket-receipt of the payment terminal, which is an equivalent travel document for the international route.
Ticket form 4 – ticket-receipt of the bank office, which is an official document for international buses.
Purchase tickets for international buses to Europe.
To purchase tickets for the international bus route on the site, you must perform the following actions:
1. Specify the city of departure (from Ukraine)
2. Indicate the country of destination in the dynamic list.
3. Indicate in a dynamic list the city of arrival (city of Europe)
4. Indicate the date of departure.
To start the search, you must click the appropriate button.
The online flight search system provides information on flights for the selected date and ticket prices.
When choosing the best flight, you can choose a place on the bus, which will be assigned to the ticket buyer.
After these operations, it is necessary to enter the passenger’s personal data indicating the number of the foreign passport, as well as the Visa number.
Documents and visa, when boarding the bus, checks Stewart or the driver.
Discounts for tickets and fares are calculated automatically by the online system: by birth date (for children and students), also for pensioners or for other preferential groups of passengers when entering the relevant data.
How to pay:
In bank payment terminals of Privat-Bank.
In the Internet payment system through the processing and processing pool – Acquiring (ticket payment card online – online).