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Visa and residence permit.
Russians need to have a visa to visit the Bahamas, as well as the Caribbean. The Bahamas has no embassy in Russia. The interests of this country are represented here by the United Kingdom. The British Embassy is currently not engaged in accepting applications for visas, transferring this function to accredited visa centers located in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg.
Submission of documents for obtaining a visa.
To obtain a visa to the Bahamas, you must fill out a form, a form that can be downloaded on the Internet. The questionnaire should be printed and signed. It is necessary to come to the visa center on a working day. The signed application form and all necessary accompanying documents must be translated into English. The consular fee is 2 290 rubles. Submission of documents occurs only in person, since biometric data is required: fingerprint scanning, digital photo taking.
The opening hours of the centers are from 9-00 to 16-00. For the submission of documents we advise you to come in the morning, as this procedure takes from 1 to 4 hours. Consider that there are a lot of people willing to visit the UK and the Caribbean, and maybe you’ll have to stand in line.
Permanent residence immigration to the Bahamas.
The Immigration Law of the Bahamas specifies in detail and in detail the procedure for leaving and entering the country, obtaining immigration status of permanent residence and the conditions under which this status may be lost.
For foreigners investing in the economy of the country and having real estate in the Bahamas, consideration of immigration applications is carried out in priority order. They can apply for an annual visa or permit for permanent residence.
To buy a house, villa or plot of land no more than five acres, foreign investors do not need to ask permission from the government. When buying a residence, more than five acres by the area, obtaining government approval is necessary.
Any purchase of a property in the Bahamas must be registered with the International Persons Act. After this, the owner of the property receives a residence permit. He is issued a card for one year, which is subject to an annual extension. Such residence permit entitles the applicant, his wife and children to visit and stay in the country.
The country has an Investment Promotion Program that allows wealthy foreigners to obtain permanent residence in the Bahamas for one of the categories of immigration. Minimum investment should be from 150 000 dollars. Of course, preference is given to large investors and property owners for more than $ 250,000.
Documents required for application.
To get a temporary residence permit in the country without buying housing, you need to have a paid contract for the rental of real estate, or you must have your own company registered in the country.
For the applicant, the cost of obtaining a residence permit will cost $ 1,000 and $ 25 for other family members. Having filled the immigration form, it must be notarized. You will also need a certificate of birth and marriage (if the applicant is married or married).
The applicant must additionally submit a medical certificate. It must be issued no later than thirty days before the application is submitted. It also requires a certificate from the internal affairs bodies, issued no later than six months before the filing of a statement of absence of a criminal record. You need two photographs of the applicant, a copy of the contract and $ 25 to pay the processing fee.
Of course, you can try to get a permanent residence permit, but it is suitable first of all for owners of real estate, the cost of which is more than 250 000 dollars. To obtain the status of a permanent resident of the country, you must have an impeccable reputation and all evidence of financial solvency.
The levy for obtaining permanent residence is 10 000 dollars and 100 dollars for each member of the family.