Information about permanent residence in the Czech Republic
As a rule, permanent residence is granted after 5 years of continuous residence permit in the Czech Republic (residence permit), provided that:
During this period, the time for which the foreigner was sent to the Czech Republic by a foreign employer or legal entity, as well as the time of the alien’s stay with the purpose of performing seasonal work or doing household chores in return for food, accommodation or pocket expenses, is necessary for this period expenditures on its social, cultural, educational needs;
2. The foreigner has not been absent in the Czech Republic for more than 10 months in aggregate, and if the absence period in the Czech Republic has not lasted more than 6 months, and if the separate period of the overseas official business did not exceed 12 months.
The condition of a 5-year stay is also considered fulfilled if the period of a separate absence for valid reasons, such as pregnancy, childbirth, illness, vocational training or professional development, did not exceed 12 months.
The period of absence for valid reasons in the general period of stay does not count.
If an alien who is outside the Czech Republic has completed the validity of the permit for long-term stay (residence permit), he must apply for a permanent residence within 6 months from the expiration of the residence permit.
Permanent residence without a previous permanent permit to stay in the Czech Republic is issued to a foreigner:
As a minor refugee child or as a refugee dependent child, provided he does not ask for asylum.
As a rule, for an individual applicant such a document is an extract from a bank account for the amount of 160,000 kroons.
In the case when the application for the provision of permanent residence is filed by the family, then such a document is a certificate of salary or income in the amount, depending on the number of family members.
In the event that the lessor is a legal entity, an extract from the trade register confirming the existence of this legal entity should be attached. The rental contract must be concluded for an indefinite period.