Indeed, every year thousands of Azerbaijani citizens leave the country & # 8230;
The media and state bodies of Kazakhstan, Moldova, Ukraine and even Russia report that there is a wave of emigration of citizens in their countries. Somewhere this is a mass character, and somewhere the trend is only gaining momentum.
Yesterday’s migrant workers, who obtained a residence permit or citizenship in other countries, take away families and help them move to distant relatives. The main reason for this is & # 8212; a decline in the quality of life, experts say.
Despite the fact that the living conditions in Azerbaijan have changed significantly due to the global economic crisis, the issue of the outflow of Azerbaijani citizens is still under control. “# 187; This was stated by expert on migration issues Azer Allahveranov.
Indeed, every year thousands of Azerbaijani citizens leave the country in search of a better life. There are a certain number of people who leave the country for a long period, but they do not renounce the citizenship of Azerbaijan. People move the desire to live in better conditions, & # 187; & # 8212; said the expert.
In addition, there is a separate category of persons who go abroad to study abroad. Many after graduation decide to continue to live and work there. If in other countries citizens because of the unstable economic situation in the country massively refuse from citizenship in favor of another state, in Azerbaijan the outflow of residents is not particularly related to the economic situation in the country, & # 8212; Allahveranov noted.
Recently published the results of the lottery Green Card & # 8212; 2018, which gives the right to move to the US. As it turned out, among the participants from Azerbaijan there were quite a few people who earned quite well at home. This once again proves that not always people move to another country because of material problems. Of course, Azerbaijani citizens are quite dynamically participating in the migration process, but our participation is not connected with the negative balance in the economy of the country. There are a lot of cases when ethnic Azerbaijanis returned back home after 10-15 years of living in European countries & # 8212; said Azer Allahveranov.
The bulk of emigrants and labor migrants used to come from Russia and Ukraine. But recently, citizens have begun to look more closely at European countries. In social networks, advertising of a migratory nature is replicated. Naturally, this affects the outflow of the population. The problem is not so much in the quantitative outflow of citizens, as in the qualitative one. We are talking about highly qualified specialists who want to realize even more and increase their incomes. In part, this can be called a brain drain & # 8212; concluded the expert.
The majority of citizens planning to leave for permanent residence in another country, doubt the correctness of their decision. Some have been considering their plans for years before making a final decision.
Recently, it has become popular to conduct mini-polls on popular sites on the topic of whether it is worthwhile for Azerbaijani citizens to go to permanent residence, for example, to Russia, where the financial atmosphere also leaves much to be desired.
So, recently on the well-known domestic forum there was an announcement with the following content: “I understand that the standard of living in Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, etc.” much higher, but as you know, there are very high requirements to the level of professionalism (and not everyone is ready to work in the service sector), besides, the very procedure of moving is very complex, too much tyagomotina. Be that as it may, Russia has a program for accelerated citizenship, moreover, there is no language barrier. I would like to know how things are in the RF with employment for Azerbaijanis, the attitude towards us from the local population, in which regions it is easier to get accustomed, etc.
Most users of the Azerbaijani segment of the Internet are advised not to go. At the same time, our citizens do not dissuade people who decided to leave for permanent residence abroad, stay at home. Most users, as a rule, are advised to still look at European countries.
Proceeding from this, it can be concluded that, perhaps in the future, migration and emigration will change the vector.
Recall that the population of Azerbaijan in 2016 increased by 104.4 thousand people, or 1.1%, and by early 2017 reached 9.810 million people, the State Statistics Committee of Azerbaijan reported.
The population density in Azerbaijan is 113 people per square kilometer. At the same time, for every thousand men in the country there are 1006 women, in other words, the representatives of the weaker sex make up 50.1% of Azerbaijani citizens against 49.9% of men. The share of the urban population is 53%, the rural population is 821%. 47%.
In 2016, the relevant structures of the State Migration Service and the Ministry of Internal Affairs registered 3,2 thousand people who arrived in Azerbaijan for permanent residence, as well as 1,7 thousand people who left the country during the reporting period.
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