In Scotland, an apartment for Potter fans is rented.
Fans of Harry Potter now have the opportunity to live in a real Hogwarts. In the capital of Scotland, where the books of Joan Rowling were born, the thematic apartment is rented. Her author was a real fan of a series of novels about the wizard and designer – Yue Gao, reports Metro.
Luxury apartments overlooking the Royal Mile in Edinburgh will cost 150 (more than 11 thousand in rubles) per night. Inside – a spacious bedroom in the style of the faculty of Gryffindor with a large bed and ceiling creating the illusion of flying candles.
The apartment also has a bedroom, which is smaller in size and resembles a passenger car “Hogwarts Express.” Nearby – a spacious living room, the creation of which the designer was inspired by the common room of Gryffindor. And, of course, where without the kitchen.
The only thing that is missing in this apartment is the rooms under the stairs, but these are trifles. But the apartments are equipped with all modern devices: Wi-Fi, PS4, Xbox 1 and digital TV.
In addition, the apartment has personal belongings and Joan Rowling, in particular an antique table and a mirror. According to the designer, it took him seven months to collect all the furniture for the apartments of his dreams.
“I managed to get some furniture, because the son of the furniture restorer went to the same school with the writer’s daughter, he repaired this antique table for her, and when Joan moved, she left him to the man.” So he ended up with me ”
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