In addition to Riga: where to go in Latvia?
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In addition to Riga and Jurmala, where most tourists “drive in”, there are a lot of places in Latvia for those who would like to not just walk around the old Riga and Jomas street in Jurmala, but also get to know the country more closely. But one thing is when foreigners are advised to go where their own, local residents, and another – when ideas are shared by the same tourists. And here’s the portal, advised to visit Latvia besides Riga and Jurmala, famous for its good guides in different cities of the world.
Sigulda is a color and entertainment for every taste. These are ancient castles, picturesque national parks, extreme bungee jumping from an air tram, ancient caves and ski trails, rope parks for children and adults, and much more. Local residents and foreign tourists simply adore Sigulda, in summer and in winter for active and extreme holidays, ski, slalom and bobsleigh trails, in the fall – for its red and gold colors and relief landscapes. No wonder this beautiful corner was christened by the Latvian Switzerland.
Sigulda is located 50 km from Riga.
By train from Riga to Sigulda – 1 hour 10 minutes. By bus – 1 hour. By car, the journey takes 50 minutes.
At any time of the year you can see the medieval Sigulda and Turaida castles, the new Sigulda manor, wander through the oldest caves, stroll through the relief parks. If from the Sigulda old castle there were only ruins, then its Turaida neighbor was much better preserved. On the territory of the museum-reserve there are monuments of culture, archeology and architecture. An adult ticket for a tour of the castle in summer costs � 5.
The Gauja National Park is Latvia’s largest and most popular natural park. The park is located in the valley of the river Gauja in the Vidzeme region. In the park are mentioned castles, Gutman’s Cave, churches, manors, windmills, bike routes and nature trails.
For daring and brave Sigulda offers a number of extreme entertainment. You can ride on the sledge-bobsled trails, where the Latvian Olympic team trains. Hanging on a rope walker through the trees in the park “Mezakakis”. The tracks are divided into different degrees of complexity.
For lovers of hot weather, there is the only bungee in Europe directly from the aerial tramway cable car. Jumps are made in the warm season from 18:30 on any day, except Monday, will cost a jump of � 60.
If you do not dare to jump in the free fall from the tarp, you can fly in an aerodynamic vertical pipe. Attraction does not require any physical preparation, and emotions will be presented by a lot. Romantic Sigulda offers to organize a hot-air balloon ride or horseback riding.
In winter, Sigulda turns into a paradise for fans of snowboarding, mountain and cross-country skiing: various trails, equipment rental, cafes with hot drinks and food. In summer the amusement park “Tarzan” is located on this place.
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