Immortality married
I was 45 when I decided to go to Australia. For a long time having left my husband, I raised my son myself and helped my old mother materially. It was always difficult for me, but now the time has come when it became quite unbearable – my mother began to often get sick, I had to teach my son, and I myself really wanted a better life. A friend who had left for Australia before, called me to come. After much hesitation, I decided – begged my friends to lend me money and bought a tour to Fiji with a transfer at Sydney Airport.
First impressions of Australia were not very good. When a friend met me at the airport, and we went to her house, Sydney seemed to me a big village & hellip; But then, when I lived there for a week, wandered the streets, looked at the sights, my opinion changed – this city is very beautiful. Now that I’ve been home for several years, I often dream of Sydney of such beauty, which you will not see anywhere else. I dream of ever going there once again & hellip;
My friend helped me to rent an apartment in the private sector, introduced her friends. But I did not have a visa for legal work, nor normal English & hellip; After the Russian-speaking lawyer helped me to make a work visa for three years, I got a job in a company dealing with second-hand clothes. I hardly knew the language, but there was a Russian woman, her name was Bela, she helped me. The first time was very difficult. At home, I was leading other people for seventeen years, working in different positions in our district center, and now I had to sort things out & hellip; When I first came to work on the first day, I saw a plastic bag hanging to the wall where the viper wriggled, – the Indian found it in one of the bags with the things she was fingering. I & ndash; a suspicious person, since childhood I have been afraid of spiders, frogs. I was terrified, I thought that I would not put my hand in the bag for anything. I sat down and began to cry. But then, crying, I remembered that in Ukraine I had a beloved son and a 75-year-old mother. I wiped away my tears and forced myself to work.
Australians, who for some reason were engaged in this low-paid and not prestigious.
work, allowed themselves to scoff at emigrants. They threw toy spiders or snakes into my face and laughed when I screamed in fear. I had problems with my boss & ndash; & laquo; supervisor & raquo ;. I always watched my appearance and was used to looking good under any circumstances. Could cry from the evening to the pillow, and in the morning she put herself in order and went to work, as if nothing had happened. She did not like it, she even jealoused me to the boss who was her lover. But he just treated me well & hellip; Over time, she just hated me and eventually threw me out of work. On the second hand I worked for a year. During this time I managed to master the English language, met people from the diaspora. There were not only Russians and Ukrainians, but also Poles, it could be said that it was the Slavic diaspora. The time has come that I already helped the spouses, the Poles, who accidentally came upon me in search of an apartment. Later they also left Australia and now work in London, freely arriving in Poland, because their country is part of the EU. Now we are great friends, I even named my granddaughter Beata. Emigration brings people together, we were there as family, I remember my friends with great warmth.
& hellip; Then I had to work on collecting grapes. I started work at five in the morning – pushing the leaves to cut the grape brush, and there – a palm-sized palm. Or the monitor looks at you with bulging eyes, and its tail is wrapped around a pipe to which a vine is attached. He still stands before my eyes, and I very well remember the horror I experienced then and what I shouted: Help me & hellip; Help me. But to me, of course, no one helped. Sobbing, I sat down on the ground between the rows and suddenly saw that from mink to me with some curiosity look some animals & hellip; I began to cry even more, but then I remembered that besides my mother there was no one to help. Wiped her tears, overcoming fear, began to collect grapes. There I held out for six months.
Then there was a job as a servant to a millionaire, our former compatriot, who with her daughter came to Australia long ago and married a rich Indian. She owned several banks with her husband, gave birth to three more children in Australia – I watched her average kids. My life in that house was full and monotonous. I was saving money, but by Australian standards it was crumbs. After working in this family for a year, I decided to leave. And suddenly fate brought me together with my future Australian husband & hellip;
In a diaspora, one woman had an Australian husband, and he was friends with David. We all, emigrants, worked hard, but every Friday close friends were sure to meet at someone’s house or in a cafe. So, one day we met at a party. Later he told me that when he first saw me, he immediately fell in love. Then, admittedly, he confessed that it was the aunt who knew Russian literature well and admired the Russian heroines to advise him to find the Russian wife (and we, the residents of the CIS, for the Australians are all & ndash; Russian).
David was a typical Australian millionaire – he had 50,000 sheep and a ranch a thousand miles from Sydney. He owned a large house surrounded by a beautiful garden. But when I visited there and lived on the ranch for two days, I realized what kind of deafness. I immediately thought how many spiders, snakes, kangaroos, and & hellip; And I was supposed to live among this? To me it became terrifying. He is three years older than me, apparently an ordinary man. His wife abandoned him for a long time, escaping with her young lover, and he inherently raised three sons himself. What to say, he did not like me at all. But all the time I worked in Australia, I was in debt and could not even raise money for a return ticket, and I wanted to go home, see my family & hellip ;. David invited me to become his wife. After visiting the ranch, I said that I would marry him if he bought me an apartment. And he did it & ndash; bought me a house in the nearest town. I lived there for a year and a half. David lived on the ranch, because he could not leave his sheep, but he visited me on Fridays, and we spent the weekend together. Like all Australians, he turned out to be both kind and stingy. To send something to my mother, I had to work as a secret from my husband. I cleaned in the nearest hotel. If I bought food in a supermarket, he considered every cucumber, if something threw away the half-eaten – he had square eyes. But, really, he eventually bought me a ticket, which I pressed to my chest and cried with happiness, thinking that I would soon see my mother, whom we had not seen for four years. On the plane I sat down with a hundred dollars in my purse, and my son was going to marry a month later & hellip;
Then, when I arrived and began to live at home, David helped me a lot. He sent me money in the hope that I would return to him. And it was money earned in a very original way. Despite the fact that he is a millionaire, David did not go to the bank to help me, and did not withdraw money from the account. He took a gun and left for a few days & hellip; in the forest that belongs to him. There he lived in a hut and shot & hellip; feral rabbits, which in Australia are found in large numbers and which are considered pests. Then he gave these rabbits to the procurement station, received money for them, and sent them to me. Like this. However, for this money I was able to buy a small store, my son and daughter-in-law began to work and, thank God, things went smoothly.
I promised David that I would return. At first he believed me and sent money for a visa and a ticket, then, in my opinion, he stopped believing, but we still sometimes call up. I want to go to Australia to visit, but I will not stay there. There’s everything else, you go out & ndash; and you do not know anyone, you do not have anyone to talk to. The last time in Australia, I just did what I expected when David arrived. Such a life I could not arrange. I am a sociable person, communication means a lot to me. I can not live without friends, far from my family.
At the beginning of my stay in Australia, there were times when I was starving, at 800 dollars, not very much that you will live, when you need to pay for an apartment, send money to your mom. Yes, Australia is a rich country, but the mentality of its inhabitants is different from ours. Australian men are a bit strange, they are like children, disinterested, do not understand cheating and at the same time consider every penny & hellip; In my opinion, our men are more interesting than them. But I do not regret anything, I am happy that I saw another world and lived in it, happy that I was an emigrant, that I met with good people there, that we breathed the same air. I’m still David’s wife, I carry his name. I want to go to Australia, maybe I’ll meet with him. Now it’s easier for me financially, because I have my own business & hellip; I can plan my own life myself.