Immigration to Turkey
A huge number of people dream of getting EU citizenship. For this reason, it is difficult to find fictitious brides and grooms recently. If it was as simple as described in the letter, the price of such a miracle of a super passport would be exactly more than $ 15,000. Fast and good!
My name is Paulina, at the moment I’m an azyulant. For about a month my husband and I have been carried away by your site. We learned something useful from your essays. I am slightly frightened by such simplicity of access to such valuable information. I’m not new to Asul. Maybe it’s loud, but I and my husband have “duldung” and do not harbor any illusions. more details >>
In each country there is a special program for the reception of refugee minors arriving in a country without parents. In some countries, where more refugees arrive, there are special centers for minors (Holland, Sweden, England, Finland, Germany). more details >>
Like all the port cities of the world, Guayaquil also carries all the vices peculiar to port cities, namely in this city one of the highest crime rates, prostitution, drug addiction is flourishing. more details >>
Tourists have a rare opportunity to enjoy the mountain beauty in a very unusual way, namely from the train window. And not anywhere in Switzerland or Austria, but in a distant country of South America in Ecuador. more details >>
Yuri Luzhkov, the mayor of Moscow, in Ecuador, or rather in Cuenca! The resemblance was so astounding that at first I lost my realities and stood for a long time with open mouth, which was to no small extent pleased by the good-natured Ecuadorians who were resting at that moment in the central park of Cuenca in Ecuador. more details >>
SOUTH AFRICA REPUBLIC (South Africa) Republiek van Suid-Afrika; Eng. Republic of South Africa, a state in southern Africa. 1.2 million km2. The population of 41.2 million people (1996), including Africans (76%, Zulu, Kosa, etc.), mestizo (9%), immigrants from Europe (13%), mainly Afrikaner (drills) and Englishmen. more details >>
Informing you about the procedure for obtaining a new citizenship and passport, we ask you to take note: all the documents, which will be discussed below, are official and legal. The legal grounds for obtaining citizenship have many subtleties. more details >>
The whole process of registering the citizenship of the Republic of South Africa takes about 6 months. The countdown begins after the client has provided all the documents, drafting and signing contracts, making payments. After the documents pass all necessary registration in various government bodies, the client enters the country and personally receives the identity card of a citizen of South Africa ID Book and subsequently a foreign passport. more details >>
Turkish Republic Turkiye Cumhuriyeti, the state in the west of Asia and partly in the south of Europe. It is washed by the Mediterranean, Aegean, Marble and Black seas. 780.6 thousand km2. The population is 63 million people (1996). 82% of the Turkish population; Kurds (10.6%), etc. The urban population is 61% (1990). The official language is Turkish. more details >>
Turkey is a paradise for tourists and. . . illegal immigrants. I remember an amusing episode that happened several years ago – on an airplane on which I was going to Vladivostok from Novosibirsk, one of the last to rise was a drunk passenger, similar to a Caucasian, and loudly declaring: “I’m a Chechen terrorist, the plane is flying to Turkey,” collapsed in his chair. more details >>
Among the men of illegal immigrants, most are laborers, petty scammers. In the television criminal chronicle, the most frequent plot is police raids on the barren places of Istanbul with subsequent deportation of girls; The arrest of counterfeiters and pimps, mainly citizens of the CIS, etc. Are there legal ways to obtain a residence permit in this beautiful country? more details >>
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