Immigration to the United States.
The international consulting company “Elionorum” provides a complex of services developed by our experts for all who wish to reside in the United States of America legally, obtain an immigrant visa to America, a residence permit in the States or American citizenship. To consult all the nuances of obtaining documents for legalization in the United States, to help solve specific problems and the complexities of the migration process, or to create and implement the strategy of an official relocation to America, the international consulting company Elionorum, as we have extensive opportunities and resources to provide quality and qualified assistance to potential immigrants in the US – Ukrainian citizens, foreigners and stateless persons.
The law firm Elionorum specializes in legal and consulting support for all who seek to temporarily visit the United States, or obtain an immigrant visa, unconditional Green Card and American citizenship. The wide competence of our specialists, as well as the professionalism of each employee of Elionorum company, allows you to competently, efficiently and officially immigrate to the United States.
Even taking into account the dynamic changes in the political picture of the world, the multiple changes in priorities and values in the minds of people, America still remains one of the most desirable for migration by the country, and the flow of both legal and illegal immigrants to America is consistently high. The United States has a pleasant reputation and significant advantages, because of which the American Embassy in Ukraine annually receives thousands of requests for immigration and non-immigrant visas, but only a small part of the applicants receive approval of their application.
The cost of immigration services in the United States.
To clarify the cost of the service, you can contact us by phones: +380 (44) 337-03-77 and +380 (44) 337-04-77 or fill in a simple feedback form, and our specialist will contact you in the near future and will consult You.
The United States lures immigrants, firstly, by the actually applied freedom of speech, freedom of expression and approval. In this country you have every opportunity to follow your convictions, defend your values and interests. The legislation of America provides freedom for every person, regardless of religious, ethnic or national affiliation, and everyone who lives in America legally has the opportunity to exercise all of their rights. In addition, America offers you a wide range of possible climatic conditions and also amazes with a variety of tourist opportunities. Thanks to the fact that it is impossible to see all the sights of the USA and visit all the famous and interesting places in one trip, the American embassy provides an opportunity to get a guest visa to America for a period of up to 10 years.
Also, in America ambitious entrepreneurs will be able to realize all their aspirations, as the American market provides enough opportunities for the introduction and use of innovations, and the solvent population is ready to meet their growing needs with new developments, goods and services.
The migration laws of the United States of America provide for several ways to obtain an immigrant visa and a Green Card, but only some of them can be implemented in practice and achieve a result that is in the interest of the client. The first and most common among those wishing to test their luck, the way is a diversified lottery, in which the prize is a Green Card authorization for several tens of thousands of lucky people around the world. This option seems quite simple, and does not require special labor, time or money costs, but in fact, for all those who apply for the lottery, there are not very pleasant consequences, and the victory does not guarantee that the Embassy will open a visa for you . The second option is a marriage with a US citizen. It goes without saying that in the event of a divorce, the residence permit for an immigrant is revoked, and the marriage itself is subject to strict scrutiny, in order to avoid fictitiousness. Also, there are programs for family reunification, both with citizens of America, and with holders of unconditional Green Cards. When choosing this option, be prepared for the long-term expectation of the result of the consideration of your case by the Department of Immigration Policy of the United States. Migrating to the US can also be highly qualified specialists, but only a very short list of specializations gives a real chance to find a job in America and obtain a residence permit.
Immigration to the United States, due to its excessive popularity around the world, is one of the most difficult and laborious, and the help of an experienced professional is always necessary if you want to be sure of a successful outcome. The international consulting company “Elionorum” offers you to take advantage of the help of qualified experts who for several years already have a narrow specialization in the North American migration direction. Due to responsible and respectful attitude to all clients and their interests, the result of our actions always meets the expectations of the client as much as possible, and the process of immigration to the United States takes place within the framework of the international legal framework.
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Immigration to the United States.
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