Immigration to the UK + Tier 2.
Our subsidiary in the UK has highly qualified specialists who will help you in the immigration process. We will find the best solution for your specific circumstances and assist you throughout the process. Our offices in London, Manchester, Belfast and Glasgow every day help clients in matters of private and business immigration. We cover the full range of immigration issues in the UK.
We offer various immigration solutions in the field of work, personal, corporate and business immigration to the UK. The experience of our specialists will enable them to select the best program for you, as a result of which you will be able to obtain a residence permit in the UK and subsequently a British passport.
One of the interesting opportunities is the so-called Limited Partnership, which does not have tax liabilities in the UK if its participants are not residents of the UK.
Main advantages of Great Britain:
Opportunities for tax optimization. Dear Jurisprudence. Excellent country for living. Flexibility and diversity of immigration opportunities.
In the UK there are many opportunities for immigration and many find this country one of the most attractive in the immigration plan. We will briefly describe some of the main features. Contact us, we will advise you about your specific case.
Entrepreneurs, investors and people of exceptional talent (Level 1).
Level 1 (Entrepreneur) is a program for immigrants from non-EU countries who want to invest in the UK economy by creating a new one or by buying out an existing business and actively participating in doing business in the country. If you are already in the UK for another immigration category, you can “go” to Level 1 (Entrepreneur).
Level 1 (investor) is a category for wealthy individuals who want to make a significant financial investment in the UK economy of at least �1,000,000. You do not need to receive a job offer to apply for this category. Level 1 (exceptional talent) is created for people recognized in the world as world leaders or potential leaders in the field of science and art who want to work in the UK.
Student Visa (Level 4).
All Level 4 students outside of the UK must receive a CAS, which is submitted by the college / university and issued by the UKBA.
Confirmation of admission to training (CAS) is given for courses of acceptable level. You need to prove that you have sufficient education to write for this course and that you meet the requirements for the level of English.
Labor market test (Level 2).
The employer must fill out an application for a labor market test (RLMT) before sponsoring a migrant worker, in addition to cases when the profession is on the UKBA (SOL) List of Highly Required Occupations, the immigrant is already working or moving from another immigration category.
Temporary Worker (Level 5).
There are several categories of temporary workers: art and sports workers, charity workers, religious workers, youth mobility scheme, international agreements.
In order to come to the UK as a representative of a foreign parent company, you must hold a high position in the company (but do not have to own a controlling stake), which plans to establish a commercial presence for the company in the UK. It can be a registered affiliate or own subsidiary of the same business as the parent company.
The company should not have another representative, branch or subsidiary in the UK. If the company is a legal entity in the UK, but it has no staff, and it does not conduct business, you can also come to the country as the sole representative. You will have to demonstrate your level of English.
Regardless of the immigration category you have chosen, we will advise you on your options and the probability of successful completion of the case; prepare your application and accompanying documents; prepare statements by witnesses; certified readings, etc .; prepare an accompanying letter in support of the application, describing how you meet the requirements in accordance with existing provisions and precedents; prepare a package of documents for appeal; prepare legal documents; we will send appeals to the First-level Tribunal and the Supreme Tribunal; draft and send a preliminary protocol for legal review of the case.
You can apply for a Tier 2 (General) visa if:
You were offered a qualified job in the UK. You are not a citizen of the European Union and Switzerland.
This system is based on points for which the applicant must score at least 70 points in total. Points will be awarded on the following items:
30 points for a valid Certificate of sponsorship. 20 points for the necessary level of wages and other payments. It depends on the type of employment, but should not be less than �20,000. 10 points for fulfilling the requirements for the level of English language proficiency. 10 points for fulfilling the requirement of having a minimum level of own funds.
The visa for Tier 2 gives you the following rights:
Work for your sponsor in the workplace described in the certificate of sponsorship. Work at the second job in the same industry and at the same level as the main job is not more than 40 hours a week. To carry out work for which there is a shortage of labor in the UK no more than 20 hours per week. Do volunteer work. Learn, if it does not interfere with the work for which you are sponsored. Go abroad and return to the UK. Bring your family with you.
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