Immigration to the UK from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus.
Great Britain is a state consisting of historically formed 4 administrative-political components: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. It is an industrial state with a successful economy, located on the island of Great Britain to the North of Europe.
On the components of immigration.
Anyone wishing to immigrate to the UK must go through the stages of getting a residence permit – permanent residence – obtaining the citizenship of Great Britain.
To ensure that immigration to the UK will be a complex procedure for obtaining a TMZ and a long period of permanent residence. Feature is the opportunity to obtain citizenship a year after receiving permanent residence.
The receipt of immigrants from Kazakhstan, Belarus, Russia and Ukraine does not differ from the conditions for obtaining such visas for applicants from other countries.
Among the possible reasons for acquiring a residence permit will be:
subject to the following conditions: the availability of more than 200 thousand pounds for investment in the business; the existence of a level of income that allows them to support themselves and their families; You can not look for other ways of income, except for the claimed residence as an artist: artist, artist, director; you can get after 5 years of permanent residence for an indefinite period.
visa of the investor.
involves the acquisition of residence permit for 1 year with investment in the economy of the country from 750 thousand pounds and a total investment of at least 1 million with restrictions on employment.
trade mission.
It presupposes the opening of a branch on the territory of the country on condition of further activity abroad.
Residence permit for pensioners.
operates for immigrants from 60 years and is possible only with their economic independence, which must be confirmed by 250 thousand income or maintenance per year.
Immigration to the UK for Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh and Belarusian applicants wishing to immigrate to the UK, the rules of support for highly qualified and proactive staff. Obligatory will be the following conditions: work only in their specialty, in a certain area; dependents can only be family members, and only if the applicant proves the ability to maintain them; a visa is issued for a certain period; To get a residence permit without having a job, you can only prove your ability to support yourself while you are looking for work; the same requirements are imposed on representatives of creative professions.
The universities of England – produce specialists recognized throughout the world. Getting a residence permit upon admission is possible only for the duration of studies. There are restrictions on the employment of students and students.
On obtaining permanent residence.
For the Russians, Ukrainians and Byelorussians to UK to immigrate to the UK and wishing to stay for permanent residence, we will have to go through a very complicated process of obtaining it. Finding permanent residence rests on a number of features, among which there will be a permanent residence in the country. So, you can get permanent residence: a husband or wife, civil or legal, a citizen of the country who has been married for more than 2 years; Persons living in the country for more than 5 years for any of the working visas; Immigrants living in the country for non-working permits for more than 10 years; illegally residing in the country for more than 14 years of the person, provided that they can prove the documented fact of residence.