Immigration to the Netherlands.
There are countries where people from all over the world seek to immigrate. This is because in these countries human rights are respected, opportunities for the realization of creative and professional potential are created, citizens feel protected and surrounded by the care of the state. These countries include the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden. Not only people from troubled and unstable politically and economically countries try to get to this place, but also people quite well-off from such prosperous states as the USA, Belgium, Canada, Germany.
Such popularity among immigrants led to the fact that in 2000 the Netherlands tightened its immigration policy, because according to statistics, now about 40% of the population of this country are not its native inhabitants. That’s why now only wealthy people who do not need state help can live in the country, but, on the contrary, they themselves can be useful to the country. To obtain a residence permit in the Netherlands can people who own property in the territory of the country, a permanent source of income, funds in a bank account.
Before trying to obtain the citizenship of the Netherlands, you need to obtain a residence permit, which is issued for a period of 1, 3 or 5 years. After the expiration of this period, you can easily extend the residence permit if the resident has no problems with the law, has not changed status, and he did not try to get subsidies from the state. After five years of residence in the country with residence permit, you can apply for citizenship or permanent residence permit, which gives all the rights that are available to the native and the opportunity to apply for citizenship at any time.
For Russians, there are the following ways to obtain a residence permit in the Netherlands: cohabitation or marriage to a Dutch citizen, business immigration, training on the territory of the country, obtaining residence permits for residents of EU countries, obtaining residence permit for a highly educated immigrant.
The laws of the Netherlands allow us to legalize relations or cohabit with a partner of any gender. To obtain a residence permit, it is only necessary that the partner has a permanent monthly income of at least 1500 euros. At the same time, he does not need to have Dutch citizenship, just having a residence permit is enough.
The right to obtain a residence permit is also available to anyone who has business in the country and regularly pays income tax. Rules for obtaining residence permits for seasonal workers are facilitated, but in each specific case the decision is made individually depending on the education, language skills, and the specialty of the applicant.
Getting a student visa is one of the easiest ways to get a residence permit. However, a student visa is issued only for the duration of study, after which you must either leave the country or find a job.
The citizenship of EU countries does not give the right to obtain residence permit in the Netherlands automatically. In order to acquire it, the applicant must be suitable for one of the above categories. If there is one of the above reasons, the procedure for obtaining residence permits for citizens living in a country belonging to the EU is substantially simplified.
Foreigners with a higher education and a master’s degree of not less than one can get a residence permit in the Netherlands for one year to find a job or open their own business. This opportunity is given in order to attract highly qualified personnel to the country, whose intellectual potential may be of value to the Netherlands. Applications from foreigners who have graduated in the Netherlands or in one of the one hundred and fifty higher education institutions that have international recognition are considered. This possibility is given to foreigners only for three years after the end of their educational institution.
According to a poll conducted by Adrian White, the Netherlands is one of the most prosperous countries, a state where people feel happy. Therefore, immigration to the Netherlands is a worthy decision for people seeking to improve their quality of life and realize their potential.
Good day. I have a residence permit for the Netherlands for a period of 5 years. I have been living here for 2 years. In Russia there was a son, to it of 19 years. What are the possible options to take him to his permanent residence. Thank you in advance.
The Netherlands & # 8212; my dream. Not where I felt more comfortable than there.
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