Immigration to the Czech Republic. Residence permit in the Czech Republic. Permanent residence in the Czech Republic.
Today, the Czech Republic is one of the most attractive countries for permanent residents from Russians and CIS citizens. It is caused not only by the favorable location of the country – it is in the center of Europe, but also by the relative simplicity of obtaining a residence permit (residence permit), permanent residence, and in the long term – citizenship.
Regardless of whether immigration to the Czech Republic is for you a coveted dream, a necessity or an involuntary measure, we will be able to make this procedure for you with minimal effort and expense. Depending on your tasks, you will need a different approach to the solution. In any case, we will help you choose the most convenient and profitable way for you.
It is worth noting that due to the increased interest in immigration to the Czech Republic, there are many questionable proposals for a fairly low price to resolve any issues with the design of residence permits, permanent residence and citizenship.
As a rule, services on such terms are offered by one-day firms, which are driven only by the desire for profit. Be careful, saving a small amount at the initial stage, you can earn major trouble in the future, until the refusal to issue a residence permit. For example, you will be registered at the address, where besides you will be prescribed another 100 people. It is not difficult to guess the consequences that will arise after identifying this fact by immigration services.
Talking about all this, we do not in any way want to expose someone bad, but ourselves good. This is just an excuse for thinking, and you will make your own conclusions.
As for our company, we offer a justified cost of services, which usually lead only to successful solutions. Documents issued with our participation will never cause any trouble. If our clients have any difficulties, we always provide the maximum assistance, since our long-term experience, professionalism of our employees and the good relations that have developed over the years of work, in all state institutions help to solve almost any issues.
Which services in this direction we provide and what will be the amount of the fee you can find in the section “Services”. Do not forget, we specify the general framework of payment, after agreeing the details, the amount can change both in smaller and larger.
And now let’s look briefly at what immigration to the Czech Republic is and how to get the right to live there.
Citizens of other powers can stay in the Czech Republic for more than 90 days for every six months on several grounds:
It should be noted that, like in most states, a foreigner can not immediately become a citizen of the Czech Republic. Having obtained residence permits in the Czech Republic, foreigners can, after living in the country for five years, apply for permanent residence. Further, having a permanent residence in the Czech Republic for five years, they can apply for citizenship.
The presence of Czech citizenship allows a person to be elected and elected to the legislative and executive authorities of the country, as well as to obtain a passport. The latter is a serious advantage, as the Czech passport allows you to enter all European countries and some other developed countries without visas.
In the summer of 2013, the President of the Czech Republic, Milos Zeman, signed a new law “On Acquisition of Citizenship”, which comes into force on January 1, 2014. The main news was the permission to have dual citizenship. First of all, this will concern foreigners residing in the Czech Republic, but for one reason or another not wanting to give up their old citizenship.
Status of residence permit and permanent residence permit foreigners to live and work in the Czech Republic without changing their citizenship.