Immigration to Spain without the right to work.
Immigration to Spain without the right to work.
Immigration to Spain or another state means in the legal language that the citizen has officially left his native country. This is a rather extreme situation. An immigrant will forever remain in a foreign state as a foreigner, and he will need to study the way of the country where he moves to his homeland. There are many rules and restrictions that you need to get acquainted with.
Here we will consider one of the types of immigration to Spain – moving to a country without the right to work. It can only be provided to wealthy migrants. This means that when settling a residence permit, the settler guarantees the availability of funds sufficient for living in Spain, and will not qualify for jobs.
How to immigrate to Spain in this situation?
First go to the country as a tourist. Open a bank account in Spain, so that it receives regular money from abroad: a pension or fees, any payments. Buy real estate. Thus, you will have an advantage when registering a residence in Spain. Apply for health insurance. Returning to Russia, you must apply for a visa type “D”. It is issued at the Spanish Embassy in Moscow. Such a visa grants the right to a residence.
Immigration to Spain is a long process in view of the fact that you will have to collect a lot of documents at home: an application printed on a letterhead of the embassy (all required documents must be translated into Spanish and certified by the Spanish Embassy); a certificate stating that you were not convicted; a copy of the passport; medical certificate in the prescribed form; a certificate confirming that the funds that are received in your account in Spain are legal; a certificate stating that each member of the family has at least $ 500 a month; medical insurance (required!). It must be registered with an insurance company. Insurance guarantees coverage of all insurance conditions specific to this country; a document confirming the availability of housing, and a certificate from the mayor’s office on registration at the place of future residence.
The head of the family should write a commitment to keep the rest of its members and provide a guarantee that the children will not be left without school.
Check the list of documents at the Spanish Embassy in Moscow.
To immigrate to Spain was successful and painless for you, study in detail all the recommendations of specialists involved in the process of resettlement, listen to the opinion of the Spanish residents already held. According to statistics, moving to a different country is very difficult for migrants. Quite possibly, you will have to contact a psychologist who will tell you how to immigrate to Spain and easily adapt, feel confident in the future.
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