Immigration to Spain: The Balearic Islands are the best place to buy an elite property.
Immigration to Spain: The Balearic Islands are the best place to buy an elite property.
Are you planning to immigrate to Spain and are looking for a property? Then a good option may be to buy housing on one of the islands of the Balearic archipelago. The natural conditions here are simply ideal for both holiday and permanent residence, and the choice of real estate is very wide.
The Balearic Islands are an archipelago in the Mediterranean. The capital of Balearic is Palma de Mallorca. The largest islands of the archipelago include Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca and Formentera.
The most popular among the youth is the island of Ibiza, known for its nightclubs and discos, for which it was nicknamed the “disco of Europe”. This island is the third largest in the archipelago and it is located 90 kilometers from the mainland. In Ibiza, remarkable climatic conditions: the winter is very mild, the temperature in the coldest time does not fall below + 11 � C, the amount of precipitation reaches only 350 millimeters. In summer, the thermometer is usually kept at + 25 � C. On this island a large number of beaches, equipped in different styles and providing a wide range of services. Some can be engaged in a variety of water sports, others – quietly sunbathing on the sand.
The capital of the island – Ibiza – is of great interest for history lovers. Here is the Puig das Mulins necropolis with 4000 Roman tomb tombs and Castle Castel. In the afternoon, galleries of avant-garde art work for the inhabitants of the island and its guests, and people, far from creativity, will be interested in visiting the numerous flea markets of the city. After sunset, the doors of all night clubs open. Privilege – the largest club in the world – can accommodate 10,000 people at the same time.
The island of Ibiza is quite small, but there is a remarkably developed transport network and even an airport. Before you immigrate to Spain on Ibiza, make sure that you can afford such a move, because it is quite a fashionable and popular resort, and housing prices here are among the highest in the whole of Europe. For example, a traditional Spanish house costs from 100 thousand euros, and for a villa will have to give no less than 650 thousand euros.
Immigration to Spain: go to Mallorca.
On this island there is an administrative center of autonomy – the city of Palma de Mallorca. That’s why this part of the Balearic has a well-developed infrastructure, offering local residents and visitors a huge choice of entertainment: there are 41 yacht club, 12 clubs, horse riding, 2 racecourse, diving school and 190 tennis courts. In Mallorca, several water parks have been built, 4 national parks, 5 theaters, 52 museums operate. Currently, the island hosts about 1000 hotels.
Travelers who prefer a simple beach rest cultural program, you can recommend to visit the Gothic cathedral, the castle Belver, the palace of the archbishops and the monastery of St. Francis.
The property here, as in Ibiza, is among the most expensive in the country. Apartments on the coast cost from 146 thousand euros.
This island is inferior to the size of its neighbor Mallorca, for which he received that name. The climate in Menorca is subtropical, the temperature rises to + 30 degrees in summer, the winters are humid and temperate.
The most popular beaches of the island are in the deltas of dried up rivers, the Spaniards call them “kaya”. Lovers of attractions like the palaces in Menorca, built in the Venetian style. A huge part of the island is occupied by reserves and national parks, and the view opening in the bays will amaze the impression of any visitor.
Housing prices are similar to the value of real estate in Mallorca.
The island of Formentera is located 6 km south of Ibiza. Summer here is hot and dry, and the winter is very mild. The beaches on the island are the most deserted, you can easily be the only sunbathing somewhere in the bay of Cala Saona. Since very few people agree to immigrate to Spain on Formentera, there are almost no new buildings here. Apartments on the first line from the coast cost from 220 thousand euros, luxury villas costing the customers in a million euros or more.
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