Immigration to Slovakia minuses
very satisfied with working with the company. clear consultations, no charges for air, everything is operative and problem-free. It is convenient that all information is on the site. Did the residence permit, it turned out. I recommend.
Date of recall: May 13, 2016.
Very satisfied with the work of the company. They got the permit. It is especially pleasant that there is an individual approach to the client. We will recommend it to friends and acquaintances. Thank you very much!
Review Date: April 18, 2016.
Posted by: Pavel and Maria Malyshkin.
I express my gratitude that you deserve. There are many companies, but such as your typing with a dozen. At the first contact you made a very good impression. And in a consequence it has not changed.
At a fast pace without unnecessary delays in the shortest possible time helped with the documents and advised the client directly what to do next your company deserves an award of at least gratitude.
Sincerely, Nina Savelieva.
Date of recall: 11 March 2016.
They asked you for help in preparing documents for residence permit in December 2015. Everything was done at the highest level: the guys answer as quickly and correctly as possible. No irritation in the answers, although we pestered questions all the time. Everything was done in the shortest time. At first there was a little distrust, after all, we send out our hard money, then bring them back from Europe))) But no complaints from our side have arisen for all the time that we cooperated. So I can recommend this company to anyone who is going to do the process of issuing documents for residence permits, permanent residence and visas. They will explain, explain and explain)))))) Thank you very much for your help.
Date of recall: 05 February 2016.
Very competently and quickly helped, to open a company in Slovakia. I will recommend to all who want to translate business in Europe. I look forward to further cooperation on the development of our joint business. Thank you for your work.
Date of recall: February 14, 2016.
Immigration to Slovakia.
About Slovakia.
Good afternoon, our future Europeans, since May 2016 in the foreign police Bratislava introduced a new rule, according to which all filings are carried out only in your country of residence.
Now there is no need to make a visa and come on a compulsory trip to Slovakia as it was required earlier. The visa is put to you in the passport when you apply for a residence permit. According to the national Slovak visa you come to Bratislava, where we go to foreign police, photograph you, take fingerprints and issue a Slovak card.
Slovakia and other EU countries began to tighten the receipt of residence permits, all who accelerated and hurried, managed to slip through. In your case, obtaining a residence permit can last more than 4 months as it was before.
The scheme for obtaining a residence permit.
Slovakia is an ecologically clean and picturesque country, a real “pearl of Europe” with amazingly beautiful natural landscapes, spectacular peaks of the High and Low Tatras, caves, geysers, crystal clear lakes, numerous medieval castles and ancient towns, ski resorts and thermal spas. Slovakia is exquisitely modest, confidently beautiful and homey cozy … Slovakia is, without exaggeration, such a kind children’s fairy tale, a fantasy country in which everything breathes romance and antiquity. A well-developed infrastructure for tourism and sports throughout Slovakia is a guarantee of a healthy lifestyle, not only for students, but for all local residents and guests of this wonderful and well-groomed country. In Slovakia you can not help falling in love! This friendly country will gladly open your arms and give you unforgettable moments of tranquility, relaxation and serenity!
High standard of living and economic stability. With extremely low prices for food, real estate, training, quality of life in Slovakia is incredibly high. According to the world statistics of the WGEO standard of living, Slovakia occupies the 36th place, followed by Poland – 37th place, Lithuania – 49th place. The standard of living in Slovakia over the past 10 years has grown at the fastest pace in the “Visegrad Four”. Slovakia today is, of course, not the most vibrant in the EU in terms of economics, but a completely prosperous European country. Being in the shadow of the industrial Czech Republic and the prosperous “old-timer” of Austria, the Slovaks, however, do not feel restrained. The Slovak Republic in terms of democracy and market economy in the assessment of the German independent agency Bertelsmann took the 7th place among 125 transforming states. The present well-being of the “European modest” Slovakia is the result of fifteen years of quiet market reforms. The Republic has excellent prospects for economic development – in recent years it has demonstrated intensive GDP growth, foreign investors are actively investing in its market. According to the forecasts of European experts, Slovakia’s economic growth in the coming years will be the fastest among the EU countries (source: World Economic Outlook).
The opportunity to travel to all the countries of the European Union. In 2008, Slovakia joined the Schengen Agreement, which allows you to travel freely to all participating countries of this treaty. From Slovakia, you can quickly get to any European country by road, air or high-speed rail. For example, from the center of Bratislava to the center of Vienna by car to go 40 minutes, to Budapest – less than 2 hours, to Prague – less than 2.5, to Munich – 4 hours, to Venice and the nearest coast of the Adriatic Sea – 5 hours. All transport communications within the country correspond to a high European level.
Sports and entertainment.
In Slovakia, many unusual museums. For example, the Wine Museum, which was founded in the deep dungeons of an ancient city prison in the town of Presov a few years ago. The museum was created by a local enthusiast, and now his collection is already of interest not only for the casual tourist, but also for the connoisseur.
By the way, Slovakia owns about two hundred hectares of the Tokay valley.
The attitude towards sport is one of the signs of the moral health of the nation. When you go to Bratislava, it seems that every quarter is in the stadium. In most of the yards are equipped and maintained in working condition sports grounds, which are very rarely empty. The whole city is riddled with bicycle paths. In the bookstore you can even buy an atlas of the bicycle routes of Bratislava. The bicycle route Bratislava – Vienna is laid.
To the services of tennis fans are numerous open and closed courts. The Slovak tennis school is considered one of the strongest in the world. Another cult sport is hockey. In hockey, the overwhelming majority of the male population plays here, and the fights do not subside either in the winter or in the summer. Due to the lack of ice in the summer play on roller skates.
Winter skiing is also very popular among winter sports. It should not be forgotten that most of the territory of Slovakia is mountains. On skis, kids stand up just after they learned to walk confidently. To sports predilections it is possible to carry diving. Strangely enough, here in the distance from the sea there is where to dive. The cleanest lakes near Bratislava and in the High Tatras with clear water and an abundance of underwater life gives fans of this sport a lot of fun. Diver’s course with the issuance of an international certificate giving the right to dive in all parts of the globe via the PADI system can be traveled directly to Bratislava. The only difficulty is to master the terminology in the Slovak language.
Let’s go back to the Slovak winemaking. In Slovakia, wine treatment is a serious branch of medicine. In the cities of Banska Bystrica, Komarno, Zwolen therapists-balneologists will determine the diet: Riesling, Tokay or Muscat should be taken to you three times a day.
Slovak mineral waters are another area of medical tourism. God did not offend this land with mineral springs, and people learned to use them. The whole range of services for “ventriculants” is offered by the resorts of Presov, Zhiliny, Poprad: from “fasting” to the sub-aqua baths and showers from the mineral water. And curative mud is also in Slovakia, come, correct your shaky health. Well, well, the picky reader will say. And there is something in this Slovakia. It does not happen! There must be something not to be!