Immigration to New Zealand: ways, as well as categories of migrants.
For many features of the migration, New Zealand is similar to other countries with a special immigration program (for example, Australia, Canada).
The state carefully estimates whether a potential immigrant needs him or not. Naturally, only talented or clever and enterprising people can count on success. The exception is migration by kinship for the purpose of family reunification.
Realistic options.
The first chance is business immigration (Business Categories).
Here, as in other cases, you can immigrate as an entrepreneur or an investor. A special feature is the opportunity to obtain a long-term business visa.
It is also quite a normal kind of move, however in the case of New Zealand, the rules are very strict and confusing.
Even with relatives on green islands, one can not be completely sure of the success of emigration.
So, there are requirements for the property status of a relative who already lives in Zealand (he is a sponsor), a limited quota for reunification with the family (usually only a few hundred people), and so on.
Scoring system.
Finally, the most popular category is professional or independent immigration (Skilled Migrant Category).
Here the process is also rather lengthy and complex – it is necessary to obtain confirmation of English language knowledge, acceptable level of health, qualifications, work experience and reliability (certificate from local law enforcement bodies).
Nevertheless, this gate is opened more widely and hospitably: every year in New Zealand on Skilled Migrant Category leaves about 50 000 people from all over the world.
As with other migration programs, the decision to grant a visa applicant is made primarily on the basis of the amount of points that assess the “quality” and potential of the candidate.
Scares the selection? Well, think about immigration to other countries. For example, in Eastern Europe.