Immigration to Lebanon
Chilling photographs, unearthed by MailOnline, offer a disturbing insight in the life of 29-year-old murder suspect Tarek Hawchieh.
The taxi driver was confiscated last week after Rebecca Dykes, 30, was sexually assaulted and strangled to death when she took her home from a popular tourist bar in Beirut.
Her body was left dumped on the roadside with the local media speculating she had been raped and then tried to run away.
Tragically for Miss Dykes, it appears her fate had been sealed the moment she entered the cab, senior police sources claimed.
He said he found her pretty, wearing a short skirt and he decided to rape her as she would be easy as she was a foreigner, the source told MailOnline.
Hawchieh reportedly confessed almost immediately to the Lebanese police that he was murdered the diplomat after being confronted with CCTV evidence.
Uber’s app was also allegedly linked the driver to her murder along with the footage. The initial media reports suggested that she had been raped at least once.
Speaking outside her home on Friday, his mother Um Hassen said if her son was guilty he belonged behind bars. as she broke down in tears.
Ms Hassen, who lives in a rundown block of flats in an impoverished suburb of Beirut, said: “I’m both frustrated and depressed about what happened.” If this is really his fault, then he should stay in jail and remain there.
Few Lebanese have any doubts as he was able to collect such a document, even more corrupt than Pakistan, Mexico and Sierra Leone.
On Thursday, the Interior Minister said that Uber in Lebanon would have to shut down.
Miss Dykes, who had been working for the British embassy in the Beirut as a program and policy manager for the Department of International Development since January, was murdered just hours before.
Embassy officials were alerted to her absence when she did not arrive in the UK the next day to stay with her family for Christmas.
She had been enjoying an evening out with friends at a bohemian bar in the city.
She was discovered with her throat and her clothing had been ripped.
According to our inquiries, Hawchieh had only been working for Uber for ten days.
He was arrested less than 48 hours after the incident which is believed to have taken place in the early hours of December 16.
Uber said, it must be fully licensed by the government and must have a clear judicial record.
A spokesman insisted that they double checked the driver’s documents.
Friends describe Hawchieh as a & # 39; troubled individual & # 39; who has been struggling to cope with a drug habit, a loan from the bank and problems with his partner.
They said his pregnant.
But despite his issues, they said he could also be very charming.
Speaking to MailOnline, Hawchieh’s former boss at a metal repair shop described him as a charismatic character. but as someone who had a history of drug abuse and theft.
He was quite likeable, chatty, people liked him. But he was always getting into trouble with the law. He was not in prison twice before and could not take control of his life.
Miss Dyke’s body was flown on Friday in an RAF military plane from Beirut to the UK & quot;
Rebecca Dykes, a 30-year-old employee of the British Embassy in Beirut, was going to fly home for Christmas holidays.
Literally a few hours before the flight, Rebecca went with friends to sit in a steep local bar, and then about midnight she took a taxi to go home for things.
Rebecca was, as I understand, not married and in the bar that evening sat in a short skirt.
The taxi driver was the 29-year-old temperamental Lebanese guy Tarek.
He seems to have been a fan of the Russian World.
Here is Tarek with a bottle of Stolichnaya and with a Kalashnikov assault rifle.
Tarek on the road began to start with Rebekah, but Rebekah is not Natasha and started to quarrel with Tarek.
Then Tarek raped Rebek, then strangled and threw him out of the car on the roadside.
Here by the way photo 30-year-old Rebeki.
And he also had a beautiful wife from Ethiopia, now his wife is pregnant, but at the same time she is in prison for having nameless things like that with her visa.
In short, Tarek was handsome, he would not be in Lebanon tax, but in Turkey, everyone would start a day with the Natasha.
But since Rebeki Natasha, there was an Unmarried Meeting, Rebeki’s body was sent to England on a special military aircraft, and Tarek would soon see his future child from his Ethiopian wife.
Here I should turn to the Western white ladies.
The fact is that over the last 20 years, Russian ladies have covered all the countries of the Middle East and North Africa – Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon, Tunisia, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates, etc.
Everywhere Natasha’s name has become a household name and means an eternally sexually hungry white female, who is only looking for someone to start with.
But not all Arabs understand that it is to Russian ladies that the word “Natasha” refers, Russian women are everywhere very much and the notion of Natasha in the eyes of the Arabs is often extended to all white ladies.
Therefore, all the English, Dutch, German, Danish, Scandinavian, French, etc. you need to be ready, that with them the Arabs can start to start at once and boldly, to this they have been accustomed for 20 years by the Russian Natasha.
Maybe there are some brochures to publish in Arabic on the subject of Rebeki Natasha, where the Arabs could be explained the difference in the mentality of white women from different countries.
Otherwise, there are more such tragic cases due to misunderstanding.
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Protect so to speak, the native land.
Another primacy killed a man for nothing, out of curiosity. But! Author! And then Natasha?
Natasha is an integral part of the picture of the Oldfisher world.
You really decide what you want in life.
And it turns out, one can, but the other can not.
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