Immigration to Latin America & # 8211; which country to choose?
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Interest in Latin America is growing every year.
And if you also think about moving, then of course you have a question & # 8211; which country to choose? At the moment there are many forums, on each of which you can get a lot of information from both the objective and the false, about one or another part of South or Latin America.
First, let’s define what we mean by Latin America & # 8211; These are all countries below the US, speaking Spanish or Portuguese. That is, almost the entire Caribbean, the whole of Central America and the South.
South America & # 8211; This is a geographic definition and includes all countries on the continent of South America & # 8211; that is, does not already include the Caribbean and Central America.
We will talk about the whole of Latin America.
Each country has advantages and disadvantages. Consider the most popular for immigration countries.
Let’s start with Costa Rica. What is written in the advertising brochures about the climate almost corresponds to the truth & # 8211; The question is, where exactly are you going to live. If you are in San Jose’s column, you should be ready for cool nights and pleasant warm days, as the city is in the mountains. Unfortunately, there is certainly no sea, but it’s not so far to get to the sea. On the east coast it is stuffy, on the western side it is slightly drier. Strong winds are possible, sometimes it comes to blowing the roofs of houses on the coast. Real estate, let’s say, affordable for both buying and renting, if you compare prices with major Russian cities, Europe. Citizenship you can receive after five years of residence in the country. Crime is relatively high.
Let’s move or swim to the next item & # 8211; Dominican Republic . This is an island. And therefore all the shortcomings of island life are present here. that is, higher prices for everything you need to bring from the mainland, and from the mainland you need to bring almost everything. Bananas do not count). There are interruptions with electricity, better houses and condominiums have their own generators, allowing to last at least a few hours. Real estate is again quite affordable. Nature and the ocean are certainly very beautiful, the climate is hot all year round. There is a crime, although not as high as in New York.
Now move closer to the equator. Colombia. The country deserves attention, but nobody canceled the drug trade. The climate varies, depending on the altitude above sea level. Nature certainly strikes the imagination, as in neighboring countries & # 8211; Ecuador and Venezuela, as well as Brazil.
Recently, Ecuador is quite a popular country thanks to a detailed and already long-standing forum. Unfortunately, the political situation in the country is unstable and this can be unnerving. Real estate prices are very good and affordable. The climate again depends on the height above sea level.
For a long time and always Brazil is of great interest to many. Probably almost everyone would like to get into the white trousers of Rio de Janeiro at a convenient confluence of circumstances. Note that this is not the largest city in Brazil, the largest city in the world. Sao Paulo. Unfortunately the crime in these cities is according to the population & # 8211; high. In Brazil, in addition to these two cities, there are many more pleasant places to live in, but it is always worth remembering that the larger the population, the higher the crime rate. The country is economically developed, the second in the region after Chile. Getting permanent residence and citizenship in Brazil is quite difficult. They and their citizens have enough).
Argentina & # 8211; a country of immigrants of all years and centuries. Of course, most of the immigrated a very long time from Italy and Spain, there are Germans, French, Poles and so on. Quite a lot of immigrants from the former USSR & # 8211; so you can easily hear on the streets of Buenos Aires Russian and Ukrainian speech. The capital of Argentina is & # 8211; this is a big and beautiful city. Unfortunately, of course, it is as polluted as the other big cities of the world. Crime in the capital is relatively high. The property is affordable.
Finally, let’s move on to a relatively little-known country & # 8211; Uruguay. Capital & # 8211; Montevideo. The most sparsely populated and quietest country in South America. It is also called Latin American Switzerland, as many neighbors keep their savings here. The climate is not hot and not cold & # 8211; in the summer + 25-28, in the winter & # 8211; + 12-16, sometimes up to 20-22. Sometimes the Antarctic winds prevent the enjoyment of life, but in the summer they create a pleasant refreshing coolness under the bright sun. Breathing among pine and eucalyptus is very good. The property is more than affordable, you can read the review here:
You can get permanent residence for a year and citizenship in just three years. Once you get citizenship, you can travel to 56 countries visa-free, including all of Europe, New Zealand and Japan, soon the States will also open visa-free entry, as it was before September 11.