Immigration to Italy.
Italy welcomes the entry of young educated people who are able to work effectively and pay taxes, and contribute to improving the demographic situation in the country. In addition, under certain conditions, Italy attracts unskilled labor, as well as representatives of the majority of occupations of manual labor.
Ways of immigration to Italy:
1. Family reunification (Recongiungimento Famigliare)
To reunite the family is submitted to the immigration department at Questura (local police department). Family reunification can be requested by a foreigner who has a residence permit (Permesso di soggiorno) for a period of not less than one year or a residence permit (Carta di soggiorno) for a spouse, young children, adult children on maintenance if they are on objective reasons can not contain themselves for health reasons, in view of total disability.
Residence permit (residence permit) in Italy.
ten years of official residence in Italy; two years after the marriage with an Italian citizen, if the spouses live in Italy; three years after the marriage with an Italian citizen, if the spouses do not reside in Italy; three years of legal residence for foreigners born in Italy; four years of residence for citizens of countries belonging to the European Union; no period of residence is required for foreigners who have been in public service in Italy for at least 5 years, even outside the country.
Foreigners can obtain the citizenship of Italy, who:
Do not violate Italian law throughout the period of residence in this country; had no previous convictions in their homeland; confirmed the further desire to reside in Italy. An application for Italian citizenship must be submitted to the prefecture at the place of residence, on letterhead “A”. They can be obtained from the prefecture. If you live abroad, you should contact the Italian Consulate directly.
If you have any questions, ask for a free individual consultation in the “La Strada” program – [email protected]
You can also call the info line for safe departure and stay abroad – 113 (for free calls from fixed phones in Belarus). Infoline 113 is administered by the international public association “Gender Perspectives” and the public association “Club of Business Women”.
For calls from a mobile phone, there is a short number 7113 (payable at the rates of the mobile operator).