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Karl Lagerfeld: biography.
Furniture exhibition in Cologne: how trends are born.
Berlin Fashion Week: History.
Shopping in Frankfurt.
It would seem, what’s the problem? Usually, people are wondering where to get the money, not how to spend it. But after all, purchases should be made not only with benefit, but also with pleasure. The pleasure that shopping can bring to Frankfurt is incomparable. Shops in Frankfurt are as diverse as its urban, skyscrapers, landscapes. To make shopping successful, you need to determine its purpose. Because in Frankfurt, as in Greece, there is everything. On the “golden mile” and beyond.
German automotive industry. History.
German automotive industry is a universally recognized standard of quality, high level and reliability of cars. Annually from the conveyors of automobile factories in Germany and their branches, located around the world, more than 11.5 million cars descend. And the export of German cars is in almost all countries of the world. Welcome readers of the site In this article we will continue to tell you about the German automotive industry. If you are interested in learning about German automotive brands that are produced in Germany today, then you should read this article. Today we are.
How to buy a car in Germany on the Internet.
The dream of economical motorists from Russia: buy a car in Germany, drive it to Russia, “customs clearance”, use and resell. In Germany, there are many Internet sites that sell cars. The vast majority of transactions begins with the choice of a car on large sites. In our material, we will review the main car sites in Germany, specializing in buying and selling a German car. Three giants of the Internet industry selling cars from Germany online: is the largest online marketplace for cars from Germany and Europe. This is the largest portal that has won a good reputation. The options and the enhanced search will envy.
What is an environmental fee, or how much does nature cost.
Environmental fees – this is nothing like an environmental tax, that is, a fee for the negative impact on the environment. The category of “taxpayers for clean air” also includes car owners, since exhaust gases cause a significant damage to the atmosphere. The practice of collecting environmental charges in Europe is being introduced gradually. Ecological gathering in Germany is the reality of today. Ecological zones in Germany In order to reduce the pollution of the atmosphere by exhaust fumes and fine dust, from January 1, 2008 in the cities of Germany introduced so.
Do I need to pay fines from Germany?
Many motorists, returning from Germany to Russia, I ask myself: have I violated the traffic rules and will I receive fines from Germany. In this situation, you must follow the following logic: Have you violated the SDA? Breaking the rules in Germany is easier than light. Many drivers in Russia, and especially in Moscow, do not pay attention to compliance with the speed limit, because most of the time is spent in traffic jams, speeding at 19 kilometers per hour is not punished in any way, and patrols are on.
Penalties in Germany. SDA.
The culture of driving the Germans was brought up not only on the qualities of a national character (the Germans themselves do not mind driving), but also on the traditional carrot-stick system, the main lever of which is high fines. Driving in Germany is an extremely popular occupation. If you take a medium-sized passenger car in Germany, then for a year it rides according to statistics about 14300 kilometers. For many Germans, a car is the embodiment of independence and freedom of movement. The overwhelming majority of Germans want to have a car. And many have: every second German, including.
History of medieval Germany.
According to historical data, in the XI century. active development of the economy in the territory of Western Europe was observed. Thus, on the territory of the state there was a split and many independent principalities were formed, with their heads of local significance in each. In 962 Germany became an empire. It developed more slowly than France and other countries of Western Europe, which had already entered the period of feudal disunity. The large cities of Germany in this period, unlike London and Paris in France, did not.
Christmas in Germany.
A holiday is usually a special day. But there is a holiday that lasts a month – this is Christmas. Christmas in Germany is the best time for tourists who want to see the winter fairy Germany. The main flow of tourists to Germany is in the warm season, but if you want to feel the scope of the celebration, then the pre-Christmas period is the best for it. You just need to come to Germany at the end of November and stay there for a month. Christmas in Germany formally begins with the first Advent,
Karl Lagerfeld: biography.
In the past year, the German fashion king Karl Lagerfeld celebrated his jubilee. One of the most talented and creative designers of our time was fulfilled according to his own version of 75, and according to the version of the registration book 80 years. Karl Otto Lagerfeld was born into a wealthy banker’s family in Hamburg. His father made a fortune on the supply of canned milk to Europe, which allowed to give an excellent start to the future of his son. Due to the good financial wealth of his parents, Kaiser received a brilliant classical education and mastered three foreign languages: French, English.
The Victory Column.
With this material we continue the series of publications about the best sights of Berlin. The Victory Column is one of the places that will leave a lot of impressions and photos after the visit. History of construction In the 1930s Tiergarten, a former royal hunting estate, was turned into a 200 hectare park. Located in the center between the districts of Mitte and Charlottenburg this place is great for a picnic and barbecue. In Tiergarten there is a unique cultural structure: the Victory Column. The Triumphal Column was built in 1873 according to the design of Johan.
Weekends in Germany & # 8212; 2014.
Historically, the German lands for a long time were scattered. Each German land has developed over the centuries its calendar of holidays. The days off in Germany are the “heirs” of religious and historical events. In our calendar, we will collect significant events of the year, including holidays. We will start the publication with a list of religious and official holidays in Germany. We quote all the holidays in chronological order, including informal and official holidays, celebrated in Germany in 2014, including those that are not celebrated in all.
The German coal industry – history and current status.
The economy of modern Germany is the first largest in Europe. However, the natural resources of Germany can not be called rich and diverse. The exception is coal, traditionally mined on the territory of this country for about two centuries. The German coal industry has become fundamental to its economy. Even now, the coal reserves here are so large that they can meet the demand for it for many more years. Extraction of coal – the decline of the industry The main areas of coal mining are located in the main centers of industry in Germany – the Ruhr.
Furniture exhibition in Cologne: how trends are born.
Every year Cologne gathers lovers of the most fashionable furniture and opens new trends to the world. This tradition has not been broken for 64 years. In the middle of January there is a specialized international exhibition of furniture business – IMM Cologne. The furniture exhibition in Cologne is one of the largest in the world. It is attended by manufacturers of furniture and accessories, designers and everything related to furniture fashion. The exhibition in Cologne shows that it has already lost its relevance, and that only gets development. In.
Hotels in Berlin: the four best.
On the tourist business of Germany, you can quite deservedly speak in an excellent degree. The country has something to show to travelers. Tourists love and care about them. Therefore, hotels in Berlin, serving as a visiting card of the city, are able to please the high level of comfort of any guest. Regent Berlin Such modern hotels in Berlin as Regent Berlin boast excellent design and attentive service. The hotel features a good location in the Gendarmenmarkt quarter in Berlin, a consistently high level of service, an expensive classic interior and of course the best reviews of visitors. Among the merits.
Russian Germans in Germany: the complexity of adaptation.
Are you expecting to move to Germany? Many Russian Germans in Germany complain about the emerging difficulties … Play gossip and be afraid? It is better to check personally. We will tell you what was surprising and difficult for most of our compatriots after immigration to Germany, and what advice they give the newcomer. Work The labor collectives of Germany are a system in which each person plays the role of a well-adjusted and tuned detail. And as soon as it went out of commission – without any regret it is replaced with a new one. Therefore, many Germans.
Childbirth in Germany: price and quality.
Childbirth in Germany is becoming more familiar for our compatriots. People for whom the safety of German clinics and the highest level of medical care are more priority than money come to give birth in Germany. The demographic situation in Germany is such that very soon this state can easily be called the country of the old. The reason is that women in Germany have a career priority, and not a family and children. The consequences of this: late marriage and later children. If in 1990 the year in.
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Pictures of Leipzig.
We publish photos of Leipzig. These pictures of Leipzig are close and dear to us. Every inhabitant of the city knows what is depicted here. darvocet 100.
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