Immigration to Germany from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus.
Germany is a country in the center of Europe with centuries-old traditions and a stable stable economy.
On the possibilities for immigrants to Germany.
The large flow, when immigration to Germany is made, gives the opportunity to grant entry permits to not all comers.
So, for gaining residence permit for those wishing to do business in Germany, there are no big difficulties. Here the following rules apply:
opening of own business on the territory of the country;
the availability of a statutory fund of 250 thousand euros;
employment of citizens of the country;
The visa will be issued for 2 years with possible extension.
About work and residence permit in Germany.
when immigration to Germany passes for Belarusian, Russian, Ukrainian and Kazakh citizens, one can speak only in case of high qualification of applicants, to which will be referred:
degree or special knowledge in a particular field;
outstanding achievements in the field of pedagogy or branch of science;
specialists who receive double salary in respect of the insurance sum of medical insurance.
presence of a firm providing work.
At the same time, there are a number of other requirements, among which there will be contributions to insurance funds, knowledge of the language, lack of crime and work permits.
when teaching in educational institutions, residence permits are granted for the duration of study, but with the right to be renewed upon graduation.
It is a pleasure to attend German language courses and work for students is allowed no more than 3 days a week to provide accommodation.
About real estate.
the availability of real estate does not give the right to obtain a residence permit, but serves as an additional argument in the presence of income for each member of the family.
On obtaining permanent residence.
for the acquisition of permanent residence, if you plan to immigrate to Germany should belong to one of the groups:
ethnicity, ethnic Germans who lived in other countries, can return to the country;
moving to relatives;
marriage is a prisoner or planned with a citizen of the country;
be a Jew or a member of his family.
In each of these cases, you need to prove your financial viability.
Or fulfill the following conditions:
have a successful business in 5 years;
a successful graduation from the university.
Which also implies financial independence.
A prerequisite for obtaining permanent residence is living in Germany for more than 5 years.
Nationality of Germany.
To obtain citizenship by immigrants to Germany, the following conditions must be met: