Immigration to Canada.
New video: Disadvantages of medicine in Canada.
Visa to Canada by yourself.
We have prepared a series of articles that will help you to issue a Canadian visa yourself.
Visa to Canada by yourself. Part 3: collection and upload of documents online for a tourist visa to Canada.
From the correctness of the preparation of the necessary documents and the completion of questionnaires depends the success in the process of obtaining a visa to Canada. All up.
Visa to Canada by yourself. Part 2: passing the survey to determine the required visa to Canada.
For a precise definition of what kind of visa you need to Canada, you need to pass a small survey on the official Canadian website. In this art.
Visa to Canada by yourself. Part 1: Categories of Canadian visas.
A person wishing to enter Canada must obtain a temporary residence visa at the Canadian consulate. Canadian visas are.
A guide to creating an account on a Canadian website to participate in the Express Entry or to obtain a visa.
In order to participate in the Express Entry or apply for a visa to Canada via the Internet, you must create an account.
On prejudice against Ukrainians when issuing visas to Canada.
Is it difficult for a Ukrainian to get a visa to Canada? What to look for when registering a visa.
The scheme for obtaining a working visa for Canada for truckers.
How does a truck driver get a work visa in Canada? Actions that will lead to success.
Canada: The difference is if you apply for a visa when you are in Canada or from abroad.
The termination of language courses in Canada does not give advantages in obtaining a student visa in this country. To get a student.
Canada: Immigration for coaches and athletes.
How to be wrestlers and coaches in terms of immigration to Canada. How to move, on what program, where to work, what documents.