Immigration to Canada through Ecuador
Why choose Ecuador?
Lately, quite a lot of requests have been received to tell about which country it is not difficult to immigrate to. One such country is Ecuador. So why exactly in Ecuador?
The reasons that prompted many after the collapse of the UNION to immigration, you can not say, more than enough reasons. The main one is the sharp impoverishment of practically the entire able-bodied population of the CIS countries, the lack of prospects, the violation of the rights of the Russian-speaking population in the Central Asian republics, the lack of ideas, etc. Immigration options can be given quite a lot, but not all options can be acceptable in view of the fact that most often these options are not acceptable due to high financial costs, for many the main difficulty in immigration is obtaining visas.
For example, in Italy.
In Italy, sponsorship has been canceled. In addition to the required statutory fund of 10 000 you need to pay the lease of the legal address of the company, a monthly tax (all together will amount to approximately $ 1500 monthly, pay utilities for this address, there are many more unaccounted moments. you are forced to leave the country.You do not get citizenship, but simply the right to permanent residence for your money while you are living – have to pay! It is better to live illegally in Italy and get under the law on illegal immigrants than to be deported to You can simply be deported under the bankruptcy law, if you open a company and, God forbid, burn!
In the case of other countries you, for example – Slovenia – you need to hire 10 people from the local population and regardless of whether you have income or not, monthly and regularly pay w / fee. A similar situation exists with many other countries.
Also, it’s not so simple, including your legend. Russia, like many other CIS countries, is recognized as a democratic state, and if you seek asylum on your own, any request for asylum from these countries can lead to deportation – this is said by elementary statistics. In the case of immigration through an asylum request, you have two options:
1 – to seek asylum in European countries through our company, thoroughly prepared for this, including preparing the necessary list of documents – in this case, the chance is quite high (we pass out of every 20 requests – 17 is a very high result);
2 – to refuse immigration through an asylum request to European countries and start an immigration process, for example, to Ecuador.
The country is developing and quite quickly. There is an accumulation of money. Almost any business brings income. For three years, w / boards have grown two to three times. According to the latest statistics, the best cities in LA for the sake of business are the cities of Ecuador. Possible further immigration to Canada or the United States. Canada provided 300,000 thousand working visas to residents of La Amerika (two months ago, the Embassy of Canada opened in the capital of Ecuador in Kita). The principle of immigration in the United States is one – through the visa of the resident of Ecuador. Further, by becoming a resident you can open, for example, a company in the US (this is not expensive) and under the company then get a visa L-1. The total period before obtaining permanent residence in the US can take up to three years.
The most interesting options for immigration to Ecuador are:
1. business immigration, visa 10-3;
2. through a work visa, visa 10-5.
Both these visas are resident visas with the possibility of subsequently obtaining citizenship. Permanent residence, in case of work through our company, you will receive within a week.
Approximately this is the situation. On our site there is a lot of information on Ecuador both positive and negative. To enter Ecuador (if you use the services of our immigration office, which is located in Ecuador), you will not need a visa. Simply if you have a passport passport, take a ticket and come, here on the spot we make you a resident visa (you will choose the most convenient option for you). We will arrange a resident visa within a maximum of a week. For immigration to Ecuador, the following documents will be required:
Certificates of birth of all family members, marriage certificate (if married), diploma of education (if you decide to do permanent residence through a work visa – it is necessary to legalize!). It’s all! After you become a resident of Ecuador, to Russia and other CIS countries you will not have a relationship and you will not be subject to laws, including the call to active duty. After obtaining the citizenship of Ecuador, you can change the name, surname, you can also save the citizenship of your former country.
– obtaining permanent residence or a resident visa within 3 to 5 working days. The following payment options are possible:
a / full prepayment;
b / partial at the beginning and upon receipt of permanent residence, the remaining amount is paid;
c / payment after receiving permanent residence (the amount of payment depends on which option you chose); – assistance in renting out of housing;
– consultations and assistance on many everyday and legal issues;
– it is possible to help with the purchase of real estate, ready business;
– help with learning the Spanish language;
– consultations in the search for work;
– the solution of many other, including difficult questions.