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At once I apologize for the repetitions, surely such information already exists, just want to know the actual information.
My family and I decided to immigrate to Canada (I’m in Russia). The choice fell on Saskatchewan and, apparently, on the city of Saskatoon (but not fact)
Since no one is waiting for us there, apparently the immigration process will be lengthy – well, we are ready for this (as long as the language “raise”)
Now the questions are:
1. As I understood in Saskatchewan, there are various programs for immigration that allow to simplify this process. For me, the real immigration program is “skilled worker”, but I do not see something on the IT list for 2016 – is this so or am I crooked looking, is there info about 2017? (I’m a radio physicist by education, work experience is> 5 years in information security (something like information security manager and / or SAP Security can still be a project manager in IT – but there are no certificates from the word “absolutely” I understand this is worth forgetting)
2. As I understood at immigration under the program & quot; the qualified worker & quot; do I need a job offer? This is true? if so, who will wait for me from 6 to 12 months (until the visa is done)?
3. Another question is how much money really needs (well, so as not to chic) for the first time when moving with the family, father + mother + daughter (4-5 years)?
p.s. can while there is time to retrain better? (to me as to any Slavonic person manual labor is not alien – he also milked cows and built pigsties)
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The list changes, it can change a couple of weeks before the start of the selection, so you need to watch it constantly.
It’s not about certificates, but about education and the duties that you perform at work.
It will be necessary to take Reference Letter from the places of work with the indication of your duties. Based on this, you must choose the NOC of your profession.
2) Saskatchewan is one of the few provinces where Job Offer is not required.
All requirements are specified in the description of the programs:
3) According to the CIC website for 3 people it is necessary to show the amount of 18,617 CAD during immigration. ( ./funds.asp)
This amount is approximately enough for half a year of modest life in the province.
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I hope still you will help:
do I actually get a job offer remotely? and how can (where?) see what includes positions from the NOC, by the way:
& quot; Computer and information systems managers & quot; (I understand Mandatory (Compulsory) Certification or Licensing – is certification required)
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Running on POINTS ASSESSMENT GRID on the first part, I scored 54 points – I’m here, of course, put the language clb5 – I think I’m still higher. but in any case it turns out that you need points from part 2, and there only comes up “High skilled employment offer from a Saskatchewan employer” those. job offer.
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Well, or hire someone for money.
And such that you do not read it yourself, and no one does it for you and, moreover, in Canada, there is actually no such option.
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Yes, there are firms, but you can tour. visa to come to do the right to the tract, etc.
but! a lot of messages from the series “Ur to me agreed working visa”; and without details.
Of course, I did not re-read the entire forum. so the post also created.
no one wants to get into the paradise for three kopecks, I just try to clarify some points that have not become clear. (and not yesterday it was decided on Canada – I still collected information from different sources).
Well, the main issue of job offer can still be obtained from Russia? or even bother is not it?
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Only if you are a super specialist, that local you do not fit into the soles.
Neither with CLB5 nor with CLB6, I think no IT work even in the initial positions, no one will offer you.
You are mistaken, saying that many people on the forum without a language, without a language in general, there is no sense in going there. How will you deal with paying taxes, opening accounts, obtaining rights without good English, not to mention dealing with colleagues at work.
The rest of the relatives are not interested.
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At me now in a district of the intermediate – well I judge it in itself because of. testing did not pass for simply so to spend money I do not see sense in a floor of year already will have sense about to be tested, and for now.
Ok, thanks for the answer, i.e. You should count only on points from the first part and you must bet on the language.
Another question here is exactly 60 or more the higher the chances? How is everything arranged here?
I somehow planned to take the amount for 1-3 months ie. 2 times less because I think I’ll find some work in Canada in a month. the language is something and then I’ll go to the desired niche.
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A bus station is where a bus stops.
A train station is where a train stops.
On my desk, I have a workstation. . .
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By the way the translation of such letters will do? (I do not think that somebody will write them specially for me on English.) 🙂
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A bus station is where a bus stops.
A train station is where a train stops.
On my desk, I have a workstation. . .
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in my justification I will say that this assessment was put to me in an interview in English.
thanks for the detailed answer, I’m not ready to be a manager, but let’s say in SAP-t digress or just security analysis.
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There are many such themes as yours is created here. But you understand that professional advisors do not sit here, well, it’s unlikely that people will rush to paint you step by step instructions.
in the beginning of the road, not just choose a province that will give you a chance, and even more to decide on the city.
And then (or in parallel) begin to prepare for the format of the exam. Without special preparation to pass it on a normal score is possible only with the perfect English. You can prepare yourself, with due self-organization of course the material on the sea network.
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