Immigration to Canada medical board
It would seem that the medical board is not a very pleasant word. Immediately come to mind the syringes, grumpy old doctors and the smell of the hospital. But if you take into account that the passage of a medical examination for immigration to Canada means reaching the home stretch, the pleasure of anticipating a long-awaited visa to Canada and the unpleasant feelings that you encounter when you visit the hospital are balanced.
After all, if you have been sent a medical form, it means that your case is reviewed and you will be given a visa (although I read about cases where people were denied a visa after passing medical examination and not for medical reasons).
If you are in Moscow, you will go through medicine through IOM. There it is necessary to call in advance and make an appointment for the time that you will be offered. In addition to money, they are asked to bring two photos (3×4 cm) to the adult, and if the child has changed a lot since you sent his photograph in a full package, then 2 photos of the child of the same size. True, we took with us the photographs of a slightly larger size (3.5×4.5 cm) that remained after photographing on passport. We also need to take passports, a birth certificate of a child and, of course, a medical form.
We lost in vain for at least an hour, because the administrator, who needs to be approached immediately, to fill out questionnaires for each member of the family, then pay for the medical examination to the cashier, only after payment told us to take turns to the right window. Well at least there is a game room, though, the child quickly played enough in a meager set of toys and rushed around the room of the MOM’a until the administrator shouted into the microphone that the children should sit in the game room.
After the queue, which seems to be not long, but moves slowly, you finally come to the window. Give all of the above documents to a pleasant woman, who cleverly and habitually prints out a whole bunch of papers for each member of the family, glues pictures where you want, you sign in the designated places, and then packs of papers for each of you are sent to envelopes of enormous size, barely getting into the package, which is issued in the same place. Then they give you a map of travel to a clinic printed on a computer, they say that the first thing you need to do is take an x-ray; it works until 2.30, and … everything. That is, the first part of the action – the administrative part – is over.
In the second part you are vividly going to the polyclinic from the station. m. 1905 to st.m. Library them. Lenin. There, using the map, find the desired goal, which, by the way, there are no signs and signage. We even passed the right door. Remember – when you open the door, behind it there will be a lobby with the inscription “Entrance to the Sheremetyevsky Palace”. That is, the entrance to the governmental polyclinic in which at that time there was a repair, is very secret. But you will pass through the turntable, the guards will show you the necessary direction, and in the end you will find yourself in the building of the polyclinic.
The most unpleasant moment was that in a narrow long room in which a call to the next doctor or procedure was to be expected, there were so many people crowding around that it was necessary to stand almost to the side of someone. To find a free seat on the stool, and speech was not. Noise, din, the smell of sweat, exhausted children clinging to their mothers, exhausted people, most of whom came from other cities – a bleak picture. At the same time, Brownian motion is completely incomprehensible, where to go further and where to start.
and also call in IOM and ask them, they really know the answer.