Immigration to Canada job search
As you know, job search is the main issue of adaptation in a new country and, ultimately, the key to the success of the entire immigration process.
In Canada, respect is accepted for any work. So if you are not afraid of hard work, you will not have any problems in Canada. All Canadian newspapers (including Russian-language) are full of job advertisements, for example, on packaging lines. Many workers are required for construction, chauffeurs for trucks, mechanics for the garage, women are called to work as babysitters, to cleaning (cleaning of offices and private houses). Salaries in this sphere of the labor market range from $ 6 to $ 15 per hour. Of course, this is not such a big money, but even with one working in a family of 3 people this is enough to pay for an inexpensive apartment, purchase the necessary products, pay bills for water, light, parking, telephone. It is also important to note that in this sphere there is enough knowledge of elementary everyday English.
We work with a Canadian immigration lawyer specializing in employment in Canada for all construction specialties.
Obtaining a work visa consists of 2 stages.
Your documents are tested and approved in Canada. When you are approved here, that is, they reserve the workplace, the documents will be sent to the embassy closest to you.
You must go to the embassy for an interview and for a visa.
The list of professions is limited to those professions that successfully pass approval in Canada. This program allows roof and furnace stylists, masons, carpenters and other construction professionals (as well as turners, toolmakers and cooks) to enter Canada on.
– a work permit. Once we have reserved a workplace for you in Canada, you can obtain a work permit and enter the country within three to six months from the date you provide the necessary documents and the first payment.
To obtain Employment Authorization, your education and work experience must meet certain criteria.
You must have a diploma or a certificate confirming that you have been fully trained in this profession.
Have 5 years of experience in the profession over the past 10 years. We will also need characteristics from the last jobs, in order to prepare your file.
The third requirement for a job applicant is basic knowledge of the English language.
You must have an official invitation to work with a salary of 30,000 Canadian dollars a year.
Currently, we have the opportunity to provide you with a job in Canada with a salary of $ 30,000 – $ 40,000 CAN. in year.
Care for the sick, children or elderly with permanent residence.
(Persons providing services for the care of patients, children and the elderly, and permanently living with them)
– one of the possibilities of temporary residence and work in Canada for foreign citizens. This program is not the main category of immigration, but for general information, we give a short summary on this issue.
Regulation 2 (1) of the Immigration Act defines persons who meet this category (a live-in caregiver) as follows:
Categories & quot; Live-in Caregiver & quot; a person who independently provides services for caring for the sick, children and the elderly in a Canadian family, while living in this family on an ongoing basis.
This definition explains that the Live-in Caregiver must reside in the family of the employer and while in Canada is not entitled to provide any other services other than those strictly related to this.
A person belonging to this category can apply for immigration to Canada, having worked in this field for at least 24 months if it meets the requirements for the Live-in Caregiver, stipulated in Regulation 2 (1) of the Immigration Act.
To obtain a work permit in Canada on a temporary basis as a Live-in Caregiver, the applicant must first obtain a temporary work visa (Employment Authorization), for which it is necessary to fulfill the following conditions:
A potential live-in caregiver should receive an offer from a Canadian employer about working in his family as a live-in caregiver;
successfully complete a course equivalent to Canadian Grade 12 (high school diploma);
The Live-in Caregiver must successfully undergo a medical examination.
If the above requirements are fulfilled, the live-in caregiver obtains an Employment Authorization (working visa) valid for 1 year.
The process of visa processing takes no more than 4-6 months. Employment Authorization can resume. A live-in caregiver should not encounter any problems after the 24 months that are necessary to obtain an immigration status in Canada.
The goal of the Live-in caregiver program is to attract people to Canada to fill the void that exists in the labor market. The participants of the program are almost guaranteed to obtain a permit for permanent residence after 24 months of work in this field.
Thus, the right to permanent residence will be provided if:
An application for a permanent residence permit has been submitted. While in Canada, this can be done at Case Processing Center in Wigrewville, Alberta;
We will be happy to formalize Employment Authorization and see you in Canada in the near future.