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On March 8, 2017, some changes were made to the scoring under the program “Immigration of Qualified Workers to Quebec” (Travailleurs qualifies selectionnes par le Quebec). From now on the number of additional points for some areas of education that used to be 16 and 12 points decreased accordingly to 12 and 9. The passing score for family candidates increased from 57 to 59 points, and for those who are served one, from 49 to 50. These the changes relate not only to the new filings of March 8, 2017, but also those whose preliminary consideration did not begin at the time of publication of these changes.
Despite the fact that the Ministry of Immigration of Quebec has somewhat tightened the requirements for potential candidates, nevertheless, the chance to score a passing score is in families where one of the applicants has a diploma with an additional 12 points and an average level of English (confirmed by the IELTS test), and those married couples with children (at least 1 child), where one of the spouses has an education with an additional 9 points and an average level of English. And in families with 2 children and privileged education, the chances are even higher.
Thus, the lack of knowledge of the French language can still be compensated by other important factors. And the widely held view that the submission under the program “Immigration of skilled workers in Quebec” is a prerequisite is the passing of a test in the French language, is incorrect. The only condition for successful immigration is a set of passing score.
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