Immigration to Canada at the expense of the employer
This is one of the most frequently asked questions to us. Motivation is quite understandable: people want to come to an unfamiliar country not to an empty place, but to a ready work. A well-developed job market abroad gives rise to the belief that in the case of Canada this is possible. contact the mediators who will offer a job in Canada and thus open the opportunity to settle and subsequently stay in the country.
Why & no?
No, without an existing agreement with a Canadian employer, it is almost impossible to obtain a work visa (or, more precisely, a temporary visa and a work permit). Even if the employer is willing to accept a candidate for work, it is difficult to achieve this. Simple and understandable reasons for this situation & mdash; below.
Canada by all means seeks to provide work primarily for Canadians (implying this term for both Canadian citizens and permanent residents & ndash; people with residence permits). Therefore, the procedure for hiring workers from abroad (and issuing permits to them) is rather complicated. To be able to hire a foreign specialist, the employer must obtain the permission of the Department of Human Resources, for which he must demonstrate that:
there is real work and a real workplace, working conditions and payment are set exactly the same as for Canadians, according to the conditions of the labor market in this region, he, the employer, exists not for the first year, has employees, regularly pays wages and maintains normal labor relations .
find a Canadian in this workplace failed foreign candidate meets all the requirements (including fluent in English or French), required for the replacement of this vacancy.
Based on this information, the Department of Human Resources can allow the hiring of a foreign specialist. But this is only half the battle. There is still the second part of the task & mdash; get a positive decision when applying for a temporary visa, but that’s another matter.
Do I believe in the promises of intermediary firms?
Work in Canada in fish production, logging, packing factories, etc. & mdash; such proposals can be obtained from intermediary firms. Here is an example from life (spelling and grammar are not touched):
In order not to get yourself serious problems (and offenses related to obtaining status in the country are very serious in Canada and do not have a limitation period), one must take such proposals seriously. Please note that in accordance with Canadian law:
no one has the right to charge candidates for a search for their work (all fees can be obtained only from employers by employers), only registered Canadian lawyers and members of the Canadian immigrant consultants’ community can apply for a fee for any issues related to the issue of visas to Canada, unskilled work (those logging, conveyors, etc.) does not give any direct opportunities later to stay in the country and get a residence permit.
It is enough to ask simple questions to the intermediary firm & ndash; how much and for what it is required to pay, the license number of a lawyer or consultant who will handle visa processing & mdash; to understand what this proposal is worth.
What are the alternatives?
It is usually easier to go through the immigration process than to work in Canada as a foreign specialist: finding a Canadian employer who is ready to go through all the complexities of the process can be very long and as a result fruitless, while responding to certain requirements to pass the immigration process can be easier and faster .
Live outside Canada, look for an employer in Canada, prove to him your qualifications, ask him to go through all the formalities, try to get a temporary visa & mdash; long unpredictable scenario with little chance of success.
Assess your opportunities in terms of immigration, pick up a suitable immigration program, apply, go through the process, come to Canada as a permanent resident and find work in the same way that all Canadians find it & mdash; the variant is predictable and real.
You can contact us at any time with any questions and get detailed advice and help from a licensed specialist.