On the territory of Belgium, Inimex Inc. , our employees and our partners will provide you with full support during registration of the company, registration of a residence permit (residence permit), as well as in solving everyday and domestic issues such as: renting or buying real estate, choosing an educational institution for children, preparing medical insurance, etc . .
We assist in the process of immigration to Belgium and obtaining a residence permit (residence permit) in accordance with the program for financially independent applicants.
The main criteria for obtaining a Belgian, immigration visa are:
1. An independent financial position that allows one to reside on the territory of Belgium without seeking the right to work,
2. Have an address in Belgium, as evidenced by the lease / purchase agreement.
Initially, in the consular section of the Embassy of Belgium you receive an immigration, national visa.
Subsequently, you arrive in Belgium and our employees will escort you to the city administration (commune / gemeente) at your residence where you will receive a card of the resident of Belgium in the department for foreigners.
Our specialists who live and work in Belgium have quite a lot of experience working with Russian-speaking businessmen. We produce all necessary activities in the immigration procedure and registration of the Belgian residence permit (residence permit).
In order to obtain a residence permit (residence permit) in Belgium on the basis of business activities it is necessary:
1. To register a company (S.P.R.L or S.A.) in the territory of Belgium,
2. To pass a medical examination with a doctor who is accredited at the consulate of Belgium,
3. Get the right to work in Belgium, that is, a professional card & 187; (carte professionnelle).
If you decide to get an education in Belgium, we will be happy to help you both in choosing an educational institution (Brussels, Flanders or Valonia), specialization, and in the design of a student visa. Our staff will help you in Belgium and in solving domestic problems.
The citizenship of Belgium, based on the law on naturalization, can be acquired after five (5) years of residence in the Kingdom, knowledge of one of the official languages and successful integration.
It is worth noting that the previous law on Belgian citizenship was much simpler, which made it possible to become a subject of Belgium after three (3) years of residence in the country, without compulsory examination of language skills and confirmation of integration.
Residence permit for entrepreneurs, Student visa, Au pair Working holiday program, Registration of children in school (public or private), Rent / purchase of real estate, Legal services in the field of corporate, banking, civil and administrative law, interpreter services, driver with car, permanent residence permit, resident card for 10 years, Belgian nationality.
Immigration with Inimex is comfort, confidence and confidentiality.