Immigration to Belgium. Emigration to Belgium.
Ways of immigration to Belgium.
Immigration to Belgium today is possible in several basic ways. Each of them provides for the receipt of the original residence permit (residence permit), and only after three years the registration of a full-fledged Belgian second citizenship. In all of Europe, this is the shortest time (exception – Romania).
How to apply for a residence permit in Belgium?
Refugee & ndash; for this you have to provide enough weighty humanitarian reasons. Investments & ndash; business immigration. Implemented in two ways. First & ndash; creation of own firm and the conclusion with it of the working contract. Second & ndash; purchase of a ready-made company-enterprise. The amount that you have to spend on this is about 30 thousand euros. At the same time, business should be completely real. Options similar to the formal acquisition of companies in some offshore zones, here are unacceptable. And the maintenance of the company, including the amount necessary to pay taxes, you will cost about 75 thousand euros per year. Making a work contract with the employer. Here it should be borne in mind that in Belgium most specialists with higher education are in demand today, and it is not so easy to find the place of a governess or builder in the country. This is quite enough for the local residents. And even get an invitation to work you can from the company only if it has not found a specialist of the appropriate profile and skill level in the local labor market within a certain time.
Emigration in Belgium after receiving a residence permit by one of the departed family members also opens the possibility for the departure of other close relatives. The country has a special family reunification program.
Despite certain difficulties and restrictions for immigration, living in Belgium is considered quite attractive and prestigious.
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