Immigration to America without passing the test
Guys, shot the movie, where I explain in detail how and why to pass the official test from the Canadian government for the move to Canada.
I remind you that I DO NOT PROVIDE ANY IMMIGRATION SERVICE PAYMENT TO CANADA, IT IS NOT ADVISED TO USE ANY AGENCIES (AS I HAVE SPOKE THEM), anyone who will try to give you visa support on my behalf – Don is generally a bad person. The only thing I’ll be happy about is if you go in and watch a couple of videos on my TyTube (Found in Canada), and if you subscribe, in general, an aphiega)
If you need to know something, look for me in the VC (/ griffil)
By the way soon I’m going to Moscow on business. if anyone wants to stuff me e * ba * o drink pivasika-write;)
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Can I refer to the test?
Video standards, but audibly sooo bad. If you want to record video later, I advise you to buy a microphone. Well, or not record on the street)
Hmm .. here somewhere about 2 months ago I went to see Peter with classmates, there was a funny episode when I managed to find out from what seemed normal people in my time that how badly I live in Toronto, that we have gays there, and there are no normal children, and the house is never bought, and we die out quietly .. people who never think I went further than Turkey)) This is to the question of Ukrainians simply)) And so look how to fill the banal things: D damn I even plyusanu video I go)) And, in general, the guys just in case, send their questionnaire does not mean it’s a lottery and take only those who do not just pass, but have very good scores, advice on the case, take IELTS to the minimum of 7-7.5 this will greatly help in EE)