Immigration services in the Czech Republic.
Employees of Personally Real Estate Company are engaged in complex rendering of services on all issues related to immigration to the Czech Republic.
We offer you the following services:
preparation of a full package of documents for obtaining a long-term visa. Acquisition of business, preparation of a business plan, justification for obtaining an entrepreneurial visa. counseling and preparation for the interview. record and escort when submitting documents for a long-term visa at the consulate at the place of residence. preparation of documents, filing and support of obtaining and prolonging residence permits, permanent residence, citizenship. registration at the place of residence in the Czech Republic. representative services in relations with the state authorities of the Czech Republic, the foreign affairs police, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, as well as third parties on all matters of the foreigner’s residence on the territory of the Czech Republic. notification of state bodies about the change of status, place of residence, information proving the identity of the alien, etc. drafting of official letters, statements to the state bodies of the Czech Republic on clarifying the procedure for the application of migration legislation in respect of certain foreigners, members of their family. appealing decisions, decisions of the state bodies of the Czech Republic with regard to the application of certain provisions of the law to foreigners or members of their family. the decision of non-standard situations connected with stay of the foreigner in territory of Czechia.
Possible variants of immigration to the Czech Republic.
Immigration to the Czech Republic begins with the right to a long-term stay in the country. The grounds for obtaining a Czech visa are business, employment, study or reunification with the family. The first long-term visa is issued for six months. After you get a visa and enter the country, you will already apply for an extension of your stay. The visa is extended for two years. After five years of living in the Czech Republic, you have the right to apply for permanent residence. Citizenship of the Czech Republic can be obtained after 5 years in the status of permanent residence, or 10 years of legal continuous residence in the country.
Business immigration.
The most common and effective option for those who want to obtain a residence permit in the Czech Republic & # 8212; this is business immigration. To do this, you must register a company in the Czech Republic or register as an individual entrepreneur. Since 2012, the Czech Republic has significantly tightened the requirements for this type of visa. The consulate checks not only compliance with formal signs established by law, but also considers the business plan. The activities that you plan to engage in should be promising and profitable, while it should be of interest to the Czech economy.
Labor immigration.
Since 2014, individuals who come to the Czech Republic on long-term working contracts are issued a work card. This document is simultaneously a work permit and a residence permit. It is possible to obtain a work card by signing a contract with the employer, while the law establishes certain procedural requirements for the employer when accepting an alien. Obtaining a work visa is most likely for highly sought-after specialists in the Czech Republic. They are programmers, medical workers, technical specialists, workers of architectural and construction specialties.
Students of Czech universities have the right to long-term stay in the Czech Republic. The study visa has only one drawback compared to any other. It can not get permanent residence in five years. For students, there are other rules for which you can apply for permanent residence only after 10 years of residence in the country.
Reunion with the family.
To qualify for this type of visa, a spouse, children under 18 years of age, parents with disabilities or those who have reached the age of 65 may apply. In all other cases, a family reuniting a family must have a residence permit (permanent residence, citizenship) or apply for a residence permit. Also, the right to long-term residence in the Czech Republic is granted in the event of marriage to a citizen of the country, obtaining refugee status, and in some other cases a narrow focus, for example, ethnic Czech origin.
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