Immigration of Italy or Germany
If we regard Italy as a country for permanent residence, we can not fail to note a number of advantages of this state.
Very mild climatic conditions have long become almost a parable among the inhabitants of Russia: here you are not like the harsh winter, and even the banal snow is unlikely to see. For a very long time already Italy is the center of sanatorium treatment, unique air is very useful for people with diseases of the respiratory system, with allergies, etc.
Immigration to Italy can be the magic remedy for all diseases! In addition to the mild climate, the state is famous for an extremely soft state policy towards immigrants, which makes immigration to Italy very popular. This, by the way, contributes to the development of the economy of this hospitable country. The taxation policy is also quite soft in comparison with other EU countries. The national currency of Italy – the euro, which today is even more stable than the US dollar, is subject to exchange in all countries of the world and, naturally, in all countries of the European Union. Thus, business immigration to Italy is a guaranteed economic peace: your income will be calculated in a stable currency, and can be stored anywhere in the world. The attitude towards the institution of marriage, as well as the rights of women and children in Italy is extremely respectful.
The internal policy of the state itself provides, in fact, the entire list of difficulties that citizens of the country, immigrants and guests of Italy may face. This important factor, of course, must be taken into account when choosing a country for permanent residence. Children, incidentally, will be able to receive excellent education, both secondary and higher: many Italian educational institutions are rightfully considered almost the best in Europe.
Italy is a southern state with a somewhat patriarchal way of life, and the main principles of life here are the care of the family, the health, the state and stability within it. A measured, calm way of life for people of any age is what the Italians put in priority. Immigration to Italy by the whole family can really become that turn of fate for the better! By the way, based on the results of the statistics of international research centers, it is in Italy today – the highest life expectancy and the most healthy elderly people. The rich cultural heritage of this hot country can not but surprise: music, architecture, cinematography, of course, fashion and design! The world leadership of excellent Italians in these areas has been stable for many decades, and they are not going to give up their positions. By the way, the Italian language itself is very bright, emotional, beautiful and sonorous, and it is much easier to learn to speak on it than in the same German, English or French. I would like to conclude a list of advantages by a simple conclusion: the conditions of immigration to Italy are actually times more comfortable than other EU countries in comparison, for example, with the same France or Germany.