Prior to the medical exam.
Family name and given name as it appears on passport / application Gender M / F Date of birth (please indicate month by spelling the first 3 letters) Address -your preferred contact address Phone number of birth Identification, identify passport, number (please note the type, code and number of passport), country of issue, date of issue, and expiry date. The country code is usually the first 3 letters of the country of issue of passport.
Id number e.g. UCI NUMBER, IME NUMBER.HAP id #, INZ # Reason for the exam, visitor, worker, student, sponsorship / family class. Refugees fall under family class.
This helps to speed up the process as they can input this into the website and set up the file prior to arrival.
If you have already been applied to CIC and have received a form called Medical Report, a biodata, it will have a bar code and an IME # on it. Please check the papers / email you have received from CIC to see if there is a bar code and IME number. I need that number to look up your file in the system.
IME #you may have a UCI #. This is the client’s number on the visa form. Doctors need to search the electronic system to find your file using these numbers.
If there is no number (UPFRONT EXAM), the doctor can create a file and give you a number.
Chest x ray-required for all age 11 and over.
You need to take the following 3 items:
1. I.D. & # 8212; best is passport.
2. A paper which doctor will give you prior to leaving their office. This page has a bar code and health case number on it. The xray facility will use this information to look up your case in the system.
3. XRAY REQUISITION which your doctor will give you.
Please note that if you are female and are pregnant or pregnant, you need to discuss the risks / benefits of xray.
Even if you have a doctor, you have to have the same protocol.
You need to bring.
1. Identification preferably Passport.
2. FEE, usually CASH ONLY no debit / credit cards. The fee depends on age and detail involved.
Usually it covers the cost of the physical exam, a sight test, a urine test, two blood tests, the photo and the electronic transmission of the medical file to CIC.
Doctors do not deal with insurance companies. However, you can submit the payment. It is up to you to check if the exam is covered by your insurance.
It is not necessary to bring photos to the file.
If you wear glasses, please bring them with you. Doctor check your vision AND DOCTOR NEED TO RECORD THE BEST VISION YOU HAVE.
If you are taking any medication on a regular basis, the doctor will need to know the name of the medication, the dose and the frequency, BEST TO BRING THE MEDICATIONS.
Drink lots of water in the half hour prior to the exam as a doctor do a urine test on all who are 5 years of age and older. (So it is especially important for children to drink water.)
You do not need to fast in fact, eat and drink normally.
Any past medical history about medical conditions or operations (in your whole life) will need to be noticed, and if you have any reports, bring them with you.
Urine test- doctor check for blood, protein and glucose (sugar) .Females please take note and try and schedule the appointment in consideration of your monthly cycle.
Bring an interpreter if your English is poor.
BLOOD TESTS-doctor take one sample of blood and have 2 blood tests done on the one sample. This is mandatory for all clients who are 15 years of age and older- (included in the fee of $ 160.00)
The 2 tests are 1 FOR SYPHILIS 2.for HIV. You will be asked to sign a consent form.
Both of these conditions are sexually transmitted diseases. Please note that if the test is positive, it does not necessarily mean that you will fail the medical exam. These conditions are notifiable conditions, meaning that if positive, the doctor has to notify the public health dept. and refer you to a special clinic for further evaluation and treatment if necessary. There, you will be instructed about safe sex and methods of limiting spread of the disease.
Please note that in some circumstances additional tests are required. If you have high blood pressure, you will have to have an additional blood test done. This test is a creatinine test and has to be done at another lab. This requires an extra fee, $ 10.00 extra for us, as well as an additional fee charged by the lab when you attend it. The lab fee is $ 15.00 approx. The reason for this additional test is because of kidneys, if not properly properly, can cause high blood pressure, and vice versa, if there is high blood pressure. One of the criteria is the EXCESSIVE DEMAND FACTOR. Does the client have a condition that would cause excessive demand on the health care system? Renal Failure requires dialysis is a huge expense, so is a doctor’s screening for renal failure using the Creatinine test. If you have to go to the front, you need to be identified with the SAME person giving the sample. Theoretically you can use any lab, however not all labs are familiar with id confirmation. Doctors prefer you to use the Life Lab in the basement of the same building as the xray, if possible. (They are not open on a Saturday). They are familiar with the immigration process. If this is not practical for you, you can use any lab as long as you ensure that the id is is confirmed.
The immigration officials have become very strict with regards to confirmation of identity, and every step of the doctors. Doctors have to answer that question. When you come to see us, and go for the xray and / or lab work you are required to produce an identity document that has a photo and a signature, the best is your passport.
Doctors are limited by CIC, in what they can accept as an identity document. Doctors prefer a valid passport or certified copy of passport. Drivers license is also acceptable Refugee protection form is ok for refugees. No other forms are acceptable ..
Should there be a problem with the medical examination, the doctors in Ottawa will contact you (using the contact information on the application form) .This is called a “furtherance” You will need to call or .
As of Feb 25, 2013, the doctors are using the internet and are electronically transferring the medical file to CIC. The Australian and Canadian immigration officials have pooled their resources and are working together. The files will be stored in huge databases in Australia and when you come in for the medical exam.
Upon leaving our office you will be given the following:
a receipt for payment (not refugees). the xray requisition, for all over 11 years of age, any requisition for extra lab work, if required, a page with a bar code and FILE / health case number on it.
Please check all the data on the page and ensure all the information is correct. Also, please ensure that you get your passport back.
Keep this page safe. You may make copies of it. You may use this page as proof of having done the exam.
Take it with you to the xray dept. and they will look up your file in the system using the number, but get the page back before you leave. The radiologist will later upload the xray film and report to your file. The girls who upload the xrays, usually work on a Tuesday and a Thursday.
You can give a copy of the paper to your lawyer if you are using one. You can send a copy to your immigration office if they request verification of the exam.
Time frame …. Doctors need to wait for the results of the blood tests and the xray report. This will take approximately 1 week. Sometimes I can complete the file in 3 days. It may take longer if they have to wait for additional lab tests or specialist consultation reports. I will not be emailing you with the date of submission of the file. Please log on the CIC website at MYCIC. Create a record at that site and you can follow your immigration process. Note there is a time interval of approx. 4 weeks before you will see the confirmation by CIC, on the website.
I will not be emailing you with results. If doctors uncover a medical question during the exam they will inform you and recommend follow up. If there is an abnormal urine or blood test, they will inform you. If there is an abnormal chest xray you will be informed.
Doctors grade and submit the medical information. The grades are either A (nothing wrong) or B (something wrong). The file is submitted electronically using the CIC website and reached the head office in Ottawa where the doctors make the final decision of a pass or fail. They are advised not to comment on the pass / fail in the case. Doctors are not informed of the results by Ottawa head office. You have to find out the pass / fail result yourself. Check the MYCIC SITE.
Further assessment and monitoring of any medical issues. Doctors usually do not have the time to commit to this. You will need to find a family doctor or use a walk in clinic.
Newly introduced to Canada do not have to pay as long as they have valid refugee forms. The form required is the REFUGEE PROTECTION CLAIMANT FORM. This doctors will use as the id document.
Doctors need the UCI number (client number) on this form (top right)
Doctors need the issue date and expiry date.
In addition there is a new form called Interim Federal Health Certificate of eligibility.
The Interim Federal Health is the government department responsible for the health of new refugees. This department will pay for the medical exam expenses using the Blue Cross for the expense.
You should be aware that IFH will pay for the first immigration medical exam. IFH PROGRAM WILL NOT PAY. You will have to pay cash.
After the exam in our office, we need to call the xray facility to book an appointment for the xray. They have the status and the client number.
may defere the chest, but can not be removed from the chest.
The file will therefore sit on the website, on hold, and the exam will be finalized until the xray has been uploaded and submitted.
If you choose to have the right, you will have the ability to get the most out of you. No one, however, can give a guarantee that radiation is without harm, as there are no studies done. Each couple must weigh the risks. Please inform the xray people if you are pregnant.