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Q: Do I need a lawyer to participate in the green card lottery?
Oh no. You can fill out the application yourself on the official website of the Diversity Visa lottery. The process is free and simple enough. Of course, you can ask the lawyer to clarify the incomprehensible points or confirm the correct timeframe. To apply, you will need to provide your curriculum vitae, information about education and work, as well as digital photography. Keep in mind that if your questionnaire is selected, you will need to pass an interview and provide all the relevant documentation that confirms the information you provided when submitting the lottery. The lottery process is the same for everyone around the world, so do not trust those who promise guaranteed winnings or the “right” place during the lottery.
I won a green card in the lottery …
The most common reason for the refusal is that the application for a visa does not have time to be processed before the end of the program. During the interview, the consular officer informs the applicant that he or she must submit additional documents or that his application must undergo additional administrative processing. Even if the applicant submits additional documentation in a timely manner, this does not mean that his application will be considered before the expiry of the deadline.
Some of the strangest lottery failures that I’ve seen lately are related to photos. One would think that if the State Department’s lottery website received a photo for registration, then the photo met all the requirements. But in fact many applicants were disqualified because the photo was not on a neutral background; partially obscured; was not “fresh”; or the person was not similar to himself, because he added or lost weight.
With a very high suspicion, marriages concluded by a person after winning a green card, but before an interview, are considered.
There may also be questions about the confirmation of education, the presence of illegitimate relatives in the United States, the truthfulness of the information specified in the past when applying for a tourist visa, the ability to further provide for themselves and their families.
Q: How soon will I get an immigration status after marrying a US citizen?
A: The process of obtaining immigration status in this situation is not instantaneous. You will need to file a relevant application for a status change, and together with a correctly completed application, you will be provided with documents confirming your relationship. Also your spouse must prove that he has the necessary financial minimum to provide you after the wedding. After the documents have been collected and filed, you and your spouse will be invited to an immigration interview, during which the immigration official should ascertain the validity of the marriage, the sincerity of your relationship and the absence of any fraudulent actions. If the official remains satisfied with the results of the interview, you will be given a temporary two-year green card. After two years you will need to prove again that your marriage still exists and you have the right to a permanent green card.
Renewal of status.
Question: I live in Florida, I am an American citizen from birth, but I have not lost the Russian roots and traditions. This winter I met a Russian woman who came here to stay from Russia. I was very fond of her and even invited her to understand my little child, which she agreed to do. But there is one problem – my guest has a tourist visa expiring. Can I extend this visa, and what do I need to do to get this woman to work permanently?
Answer: The right of your guest to stay in the country can be easily extended by a timely and well-prepared form I-539, which is called the “application for extension of stay in the country”.
Following the attached instructions, it is not difficult to prepare it for any literate person. It is only necessary to bear in mind that the most successful arguments for filing such a form are either medical reasons, or a justified request to extend the normal tourist presence in the United States. Thus, as medical certificates confirming the presence of medical problems in the petitioner, which require the participation of local doctors, and suddenly appear personal connections with people who offer further hospitality. Asking the immigration authorities to extend the length of your guest’s stay for her care of the child would be a mistake – your guest does not have the right to work until an official permit is obtained. As for your desire to hire this woman to work permanently, you should consult with an immigration lawyer in person at this meeting. Such an opportunity exists, and it is called working certification, but this process is labor-intensive and requires further careful study.
Travel Document.
Q: – I have an American green card, and the Russian passport has already expired. In the summer I want to go home. How is an American travel document drawn up?
A: – Application for Travel The document is drawn up by submitting Form I-131 to the Immigration Service and paying the relevant fees. But this document is suitable only for people who have a certain immigration status.
If you have received political asylum or you already have a green card obtained on the basis of a previously issued asylum (refugee), then you have the right to make out a travel document. But you need to take into account that if you are going to visit the country from which you were granted asylum, then when you return from the border guards you may have questions.
If your green card was received, for example, on the line of family reunification or marriage, then the option with the design of the Travel Document is not suitable for you. You need either to extend the validity of the passport of the country where you have citizenship, or to issue a new passport. On the issue of issuing a passport, you should contact the consular department of your country.
Extension of the green card.
When the term of your green card expires or has expired (or if the card was lost / stolen), you need to extend its validity period by completing and submitting the I-90 form, which also includes the payment of fees of $ 470. You can apply for an extension 6 months before the expiration of the green card. Although the entire filing procedure is content is transparent and time-consuming, the time frame for obtaining a new document may vary depending on the immigration service load, the particular office where you filed, and the presence of any errors or omissions in the feed itself.
Below we give the main stages of the renewal process.
1. Approximately 2-3 weeks after the filing, you should receive receipt I-797C – Acknowledgment of Receipt, ie, a notification that your case has been accepted for review and assigned its number, according to which it can be further verified , at what stage of the process is the process.
2. After that, somewhere in 3-5 weeks, you will receive an invitation to fingerprints. At a certain time, you will need to appear at the address indicated in the invitation for this procedure, with a document confirming your identity.
3. After the collection of prints and checks, the immigration service will send a new green card by mail, unless, of course, they have new questions about the results of checking your data. This process can take approximately 4-6 months. In case of refusal, which also happens, the immigration service will send you an explanation of why they refused. If you do not agree with the decision of the immigration service, you will need to file an appeal.
Working visas.
Working visas of the category H1B are always very popular among those who wish to work in the USA. The process of filing them is rather complicated not only because you need to fill out a lot of documents, but also because you need an employer sponsor who will be ready to provide all assistance as the package prepares.
An important fact – due to the influx of people from all over the world and to maintain the competitiveness of the domestic US labor market, the number of seats on the H1B visa is limited. Visas are accepted from the first of April of each year, and then among the received packages a lottery is held.
The validity of the visa is three years, and this period can be extended by another one.
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