Immigration lawyer in Spain.
Immigration legislation is that special branch of law in which a common general practitioner, not specialized in the industry, will be very difficult to understand.
Especially considering the fact that the immigration legislation of Spain, especially in the last decade, is subject to modification almost every year, if not to say – monthly.
A lawyer specializing in immigration law can not and should not rely solely on his memory and his knowledge of the code of the immigration code. Innovations and changes in immigration legislation are introduced periodically and the task of a specialized immigration lawyer is to closely monitor all the innovations and amendments introduced to the laws.
Our law firm consists, for the most part, of experienced lawyers and lawyers who have a Spanish university legal education in the best Spanish bar associations, as well as extensive practice of working with clients from all over the former Soviet Union.
The legal services of our company include advice and assistance in all areas of immigration law in Spain. Applying to us for any immigration services, you will get a professional and high-quality legal service from experts who not only understand the intricacies of Spanish immigration laws, but also better than many know the requirements and traditions of our fellow citizens.
As a rule, most of the applications of foreigners to Spanish legal or lawyer companies, as well as to private practitioners, are related to certain immigration issues, which are simply impossible to resolve by themselves.
Someone was unreasonably denied a visa, someone needed to extend the residence, and someone wants (with reasons or just such intentions, often unreasonable) to apply for a residence permit in Spain.
In connection with the last year-and-half crisis with refugees, concerning the whole of Europe and Spain in particular, a large percentage of people turning to local lawyers are refugees fleeing the war zones.
Given the complexity and complexity of the Spanish immigration laws, the ever-changing requirements for documents, the work of immigration lawyers – specialists who are not only well versed in all the intricacies of Spanish legislation, but primarily professionals oriented to work with foreigners, who know languages and understand psychology and mentality of foreign citizens applying to them.
A real legend among foreigners is Spanish bureaucracy, the diversity of Spanish laws, their confusion and non-compliance. Lawyers and lawyers of our collegium know firsthand how hard it is sometimes for foreign citizens to understand Spanish laws and act in accordance with the established order of business in Spain.
It’s not a secret that lawyers are Spaniards, with all their merits, most of them, people are very peculiar, whose originality is based mainly on existing habits and traditions in the country.
These traditions include the habit of doing things in detail and not hurrying, transferring to tomorrow what from the client’s point of view can and should be done today, often it is expressed in some negligence towards the documents, and quite often – complete lack of any desire to understand the habits and mentality of its foreign client.
At the same time, in a country so popular with foreign tourists, like Spain, work with immigrants is a desirable kush for any Spanish lawyer. And you, perhaps, will not find any local lawyer who provides legal services, who would not call himself a specialist in extranrhea – work with foreigners in the field of immigration legislation.
Most of these lawyers are not real experts. From here constantly arising problems, complaints of foreigners on every possible forums on inadequate work of the Spanish lawyers, low rates of work, an inconvenience and unwillingness to understand problems of clients. Sometimes these reproaches are unfair, sometimes they are justified.
But as a rule, those clients who turn not only to the first lawyers who come across from the principle “only to be cheaper”, but to competent immigration lawyers specializing in immigration law issues and having already proved themselves in this field, achieve much more success in solving their immigration problems and tasks, often very complex and even seemingly unsolvable.
Our long-standing practice in the field of providing qualified legal services in Spain shows that the greatest ratio of customer satisfaction with the work of immigration lawyers is achieved when applying to companies where native speakers work – lawyers, lawyers or legal translators who know the mentality and exactingness of those who apply to them foreigners.
The pace of work that they are used to in their homeland is often incomprehensible and unaccustomed to local lawyers, and other requirements for terms and quality of work seem to them inflated, which leads to constant conflicts and mutual discontent of the parties.
Understanding the needs of customers, the habit of doing everything in a high-quality and on time – the basic qualities that characterize our immigration lawyers. Our specialists are indispensable helpers in such matters as the registration of a residence permit and the extension of a residence in Spain, urgent assistance in the event of the threat of deportation from Spain, the collection and registration of documents and materials necessary for the emigration, and in case of refusal of a visa, appeals to the Consulate Spain and Spanish courts, as well as for the registration of student and educational visas.
Our lawyers and lawyers who speak Russian and Spanish will give you detailed explanations on all matters relating to your stay in Spain, doing business in that country, assisting in the opening of the company and, if necessary, the subsequent management of your assets.
In the event that you are also interested in the residence permit in Spain, the qualified specialists of our collegium will provide you with all the necessary assistance.
In particular: they will select the most suitable visa regime for you, arrange collection and filing of documents, offer options for buying real estate, arrange a transaction for its acquisition, and draw up a legal opinion on the feasibility and feasibility of establishing or transferring business to Spain, consult on other legal issues related to the immigration laws of Spain.
Most of the failures that we face in our long-standing practice as lawyers are caused by unacceptable mistakes made by applicants when applying for a residence permit. They could have easily avoided them if they hired a competent immigration lawyer.
The first thing an immigration lawyer should do is to analyze the personal situation of each applicant and assess the possibility of obtaining different categories of residence permits, taking into account the particularities of each individual case.
The employees of our company differ not only in their high level of professionalism and responsibility, their ability to quickly and accurately solve their tasks in the shortest possible time, but also with communication, decency and sympathy for their principals.
All these qualities, as well as work experience in this area, the reputation of the professionals in their field among the employees of the state immigration bodies, allow our lawyers to accurately fulfill their obligations to fulfill the assignments of our principals.
Our company specializes in providing services for obtaining a residence permit in Spain without the right to work, as well as a residence permit for investors, in accordance with Law 14/2013.
Our employees are experts in immigration, administrative and civil law, graduates in real estate transactions, members of the association of real estate agents.
Our professional experience and constant desire to improve the quality of customer service allows us to keep abreast of all the latest changes in the legislation of Spain, as well as in the course of all the requirements for the design of documents.
You can receive the advice of our employees by leaving an application on the site, by e-mail or by phone. We are happy to meet with you personally in our office in Marbella, Malaga or Madrid.