Immigration from Moldova to Canada (permanent residence, resettlement)
Our machine is for sale & # 8211; Suzuki sx4 2010.
Everything works fine, the reason for the sale is & # 8211; you need more volume inside & # 8230;
A run of 107 thousand km, automatic.
Friday night in Montreal.
Festival in honor of the Grand prix formula 1 on the island.
Montreal’s bike path across the river.
I took a simple video & # 8230; on a bike 28km along the canal and the river. 3 hours of walking in 8 minutes of video.
How I finally found a job!
After two years, I can say that I finally got a good job, with very good working conditions and payment. Continue reading & rarr;
Calculate taxes (taxes) online for spouses.
In general, it is not so easy to find a site where you will be shown on a quick basis how to divide and distribute the taxable amount between two spouses. One can earn 50 thousand a year, and the other half only 10%.
On January 23, in Chisinau, offline.
I will be on the offline of the Canadian Club in Chisinau on the 23rd of January.
In the endis pizza on rishkanovka for McDonald’s, starting at 19:00. Who wants to talk, come.
Our condo. We sum up the preliminary results.
So half a year has passed since our settling into a new apartment. During this time, we were able to get used to a new place and understand all its positive and negative nuances.
How we spent the summer of 2015 in Quebec.
I write in Quebec (in the province), as I spent a lot of time in the country.
How did I get a visa to the States?
A couple of tips how to prepare to increase your chances of obtaining an American, tourist visa.
An apartment or a house? What to choose?
The debate on this topic does not stop. Recently, another topic surfaced on & # 8220; conversations & # 8221 ;. Most of our course agitates for the house. Let’s try to understand the arguments for and against. Continue reading & rarr;
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Not the first year we buy here:
In short, the stages of emigration.
2. Mailing documents to Canada (a couple of hundred lei)
3. Payment ($ 750 for one + $ 150 for a supplementary person) for processing documents in the province of Quebec.
4. We learn French and wait for two years.
We send the certificate of non-conviction.
5. We receive a positive response, we are interviewed in Chisinau. (again they write off a thousand cards from Visa – already for the federal stage)
6. After half a year we go through honey. commission (a couple of hundred dollars)
7. We send 724 euros to the Romanian bank, 2 days later and passports themselves with a check from the bank to the embassy in Bucharest for visas.