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Or there is no sense to spend so much time, effort and money? I doubt it, because it seems to me that it is practically impossible to compete with non-items in this sphere, but the only branch that is nice to my heart is the “organizational psychologist” is crammed with those who are arranged by acquaintance / blatu. In general, I still do not have to break through there.
On the other hand, the psychologist is now hanging out in the list of the most popular and highly paid professions. What is so tempting.
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Respondent in advance thanks.
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In Russia, with the peculiarities of our mentality and attitude toward psychologists (= a charlatan, scam artist, normal people do not go to psychologists, etc.) – there are practically no opportunities to make a career without investing a decent amount of money or 15 years of experience in the university or the civil service for a penny. And it is not a fact that you will become a famous specialist.
I understood very well that it would be extremely difficult to find employment when I entered the university, but the hope that for 6 years of study something will change + a huge interest in psychology and philosophy supported me all this time. But now a red diploma of the best university in St. Petersburg and work is not on the specialty, but it allows you to earn a normal life. What’s next? Work that does not bring joy or pleasure, annoying every day more and more. I apologize for the “lyrical digression” – just sore.
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If you are special, and not a diploma walking – you will open a Free consultation, and, for free consultation by methods of any kind of Ericksonian hypnosis, persuade a potential client for paid services.
And NEProfi – it is unnecessary to consult for free.
All of Canada is yours, in general, together with Australia.
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According to their comments, I can say that the demand for this profession is very large, but of course, first of all, local specialists take it, and only when necessary, foreigners with confirmed diplomas and normal experience.
As things stand with those who want to open their own private office – so far there is no information. I would like to hear about this from our members of the forum, unless of course there are real therapists or coaches among us.
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Probably, while studying in Canada, you need to be more than outstanding, so that all over Canada to work in the university or state structure took an immigrant.
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Like that. If to be outstanding, it’s great to speak English, have a Canadian diploma and Canadian experience in psychology, even if as an intern student, assistant or somewhere nearby (nurse in a psycho, a receptionist at the front desk in a psychiatric clinic) then you can find work .
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huge thanks for the answer. At me it is direct arms or hand fall down after your report, so longly to study, moreover and it is madly difficult to arrive.
I really want to work in my specialty, in Russia I can not yet find a job as a psychologist (since I can not afford to work for 8000 rubles per month), will the lack of work experience in taking on PhD be affected negatively? In general, is this experience important, or do I just need to know the language, have a high average ball (I have 4.75) and look for a professor so that I can enter the university through it already? As far as I know, the maximum number of years of study at the PhD in Ottawa and Toronto (special psychologist) is a maximum of 4 years. I have an international diploma of a specialist, I know that our university has an agreement with 3 universities in Canada (in particular, with Ottawa), actually I hope this will somehow help me to do.
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