I’m talking about working in the IT industry. Where better to go. How many IT people earn.
Where in the US is the IT industry. Salaries of programmers, in which state it is better to live.
Hello. You do not see me, but I’m here. At me GoPro hangs on a breast, on a special fastening. I left today, Sunday, February 21, to ride a bicycle. To just do not go, I decided to record a video. I’ll ride through our area today, I’ll show it to you. At the same time I will answer the question. The question is: “Tell me more about the IT people. Where better to go, except for Silicon Valley? How much they receive and everything in this spirit. Thank you in advance”.
Go. I’ll try to tell you what I’ll know. I need to start by saying that there are several places in the US where the IT industry is generally developed, where you can find a job as a developer and so on. First of all, these are big cities. In any big city there are companies that need developers, testers, and in general people associated with development, with software. Speaking of the United States, the largest cities, where there is a lot of work in IT, besides Silicon Valley, is Seattle, in the South in Los Angeles, in principle there is development. Next, we go east, Denver in Colorado, Utah, Salt Lake City in Utah, there are companies that are ayish. In the north, in my opinion, in North Dakota, I forgot what is out of town, but there has been a very recent development of the software development industry. In Texas a lot, Dallas can be called the capital of IT Texas, a lot of work in Dallas. Austin in Texas, also there is a lot of work in IT. In Houston, too, there are, but I think in Dallas and in Austin more. Then, Atlanta. In Florida, well, in Florida, probably Tampa and Fort Lauderdale. In Orlando, too, there is, but a little less. Further, north of Atlanta, there is a lot of work in North Carolina. There is such a triangle of software, several cities in North Carolina make this triangle. In Raleigh, in Charlotte, too, there is work. In Virginia and Washington, D.C. There are a lot of IT work, mostly on the government. New York – should be, the city is huge, how much, I do not know. Boston, there is also work in IT. That is, in principle, in any large city there is work in IT.
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According to the latest trends, more and more people are leaving Silicon Valley, and they choose basically three states: Texas, North Carolina and Colorado, because there is work for IT people. More Seattle, Washington. There, of course, cheaper than in the Silicon Valley, but in North Carolina, in Texas and in Colorado will still be decently cheaper than in the state of Washington, in Seattle. Therefore, in these 3 states, Californians, in general, migrate. And the work is and housing is cheap. Cheap comparatively.
At the expense of living costs in these states, well, respectively, in Virginia, D.C., there are a lot of work for IT, but there are prices and not so cheap, because the capital, well, the capital is expensive in the US. North Carolina is very good at prices, well, Texas. Denver, Colorado – it’s hard for me to say, I do not know there, in principle. It is clear that it is cheaper than in the Silicon Valley, but, is it cheaper than in Texas or North Carolina, or, if more expensive, how much more expensive, it is difficult for me to say. It’s very beautiful in Colorado. We were there. It’s just gorgeous.
On the account of salaries it is difficult to me to judge, as I not everywhere lived, not everywhere worked, not everywhere I have friends. I can say about Texas that the salary, of course, is lower than in Silicon Valley, but not so directly below that it was all very bad. And, in principle, when moving from the Silicon Valley to Texas, it seems to me that after spending and after taxes, people still have more money in their hands, while the salary is a little lower.
For example, as they say, programmers in the Silicon Valley, there, good programmers can earn 130-150, maybe a little higher, thousands per year. In Texas, good programmers, in Dallas, too, can easily earn thousands of 120-140. That is, the difference is not so great and huge in salaries, there are several, well, 2-3 ten thousand. Only, in California there is a state tax, additional to other taxes that are deducted from the salary. And there, in my opinion, if above 100 thousand earnings, then the tax is 10%. So with those, say, 150,000 programmer salaries in California, after state tax, he has 135. And in Texas there is no state tax. That is, if he gets 135 in Texas, then in the end, the same money is obtained, that there, in Silicon Valley, that in Texas.
Accordingly, in Texas it is much cheaper to live. Here, look at this house. In Texas, such a house costs thousands of 600, maybe. In California, such a house would cost exactly millions. There, in Silicon Valley, at least a million or two such a house is worth. Well, that’s your own opinion, what is 600 thousand, when you have a salary of 120, what is 3 million, when you have a salary of 150. Now. The price of a house is 5 times more expensive, but the salary in Silicon Valley is not 5 times higher, but only 10%, 20%, 30%, maybe even 50%, but still, after all life costs, probably the programmers in Texas live better. Of course, if they are programmers who just work for someone.
Silicon Valley is good in that there are so many small companies, and a lot of traffic, and new companies are being created, start-ups and so on. Therefore, if there is a good idea, then of course it’s better to go to Silicon Valley and try to run some new start-up, business, and so on. And if you expect that you will come to America and just work for the company, go to the office 5 days a week, then I am against going to Silicon Valley, because there, at such work, it will be much harder to live than , say, in Florida, in Texas, in North Carolina. That’s it.
Moving to the US is difficult, but there are categories of people who can afford it:
& mdash; Investors. It is enough to invest from 1 million dollars and after 2 years all family members will receive permanent resident status (EB-5 visa).
& mdash; You can also open a branch of an existing company in America or buy a ready business in the US (from $ 100,000). This will give you the right to obtain a working visa L-1, which can be exchanged for a green card.
& mdash; Famous athletes, musicians, writers and other extraordinary people can move on a working O-1 visa.
& mdash; In case of oppression by the state for religious, political reasons or humiliation because of belonging to gay minorities, you can request political asylum in the US (asylum).
& mdash; Short-term can be located in the US tourist visa B1 / B2.
& mdash; You can also get a second higher education in the United States, after studying for 1-3 years.
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