I’m going to enter the ULB illegally.
Good evening everyone!
I’m going to enter the ULB this fall, but I would like to be like French courses in Brussels for the exam, well, in general, try to live here.
Oochen I ask to help,
1.What are the ways to come and stay here to live? And for how long?
2 What card should I draw up and what documents are needed?
3 Do I need to look for a guarantor and can I really find him?
4 If you stay illegally, can I go to college? and how do illegal immigrants manage to avoid the police for many years?
I’ve already rummaged here, but I did not find anything specific ..
in late February or early March, go to Belgium to file documents! (
I will be very grateful for the answers !!
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Postupit ‘v institut obyazatel’no nujen garant ili solidnaya summa na vashem schetu. Buduchi nelegalom v VUZ ne postupite, a na kursy yazyka mojete hodit ‘skol’ko vlezet. Real’no li naiti garanta? ne znayu kto soglasitsya, esli toka ne naidete kogo-to poblije, naprimer muja ili blizkogo druga, podrugu. A nelegalom tut byt ‘nado imet’ den’gi ili kogo-to kto budet pomogat ‘vam ili obespechivat’ / A tak est ‘variant v kachestve bejenca oformit’sya. A karty vydayut tol’ko po uchebe ili esli yavlyaetes ‘priznannym bejencem / Putei mnogo syuda priehat’ naiti rabotodatelya zdes ‘i po slujebnoi vize, ili postupit’ v vuz i po studencheskoi vize, mojno i po gostevoi po istechenii kotoroi esli ne pokinete stranu budete nelegalkoi,
a otkuda voobshe edete i est ‘li viza u vas?
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1 what are the ways to come.
Request a student visa through the Embassy of Belgium.
Have enough money in your pocket to pay for everything.
2 what card you need to make out and what documents are needed.
First, figure out who and what will be your guarantor.
if you stay illegally, can I go to college?
Who are you illegally finding in the Kingdom to take training?
and how in general illegal immigrants manage to avoid the police for many years.
You probably have in view of those people who used to ask for asylum and who were refused. In the legal language, such refuseniks are called: “Illegal residents” who were allowed to appeal for refusal and who have registration at the place of residence, which actually gives them a chance to live here, trying to get a residence permit. But, I repeat, this only applies to long-livers, which can not be said about newcomers with whom they have long ceased to stand on ceremony and do not allow them long-term expectations of responses to appealing negative answers. Therefore, if and you decide to be an illegal, then immediately I will say that you will lose your health, time and money.
in late February or early March, go to Belgium to file documents!
Are you sure that everything will turn out?
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You can live illegally here, only you have to be prepared for the fact that you will one day be kicked out of the country. I lived like this for 4 years, I managed to avoid controls. Just need to be careful in choosing friends, with whom just do not communicate, not to get into an unpleasant story, and seeing the police do not panic, but just calmly pass by. Guys in these situations are more difficult, I think. There are thousands of illegal immigrants in Europe. It’s just the choice of everyone. Many people tell me that “it’s impossible to live like this, I would not be able to (la)”. I did not do bad to anyone, my friends are few, but all are real and proven (it so happened that mostly Belgians). The hardest part was not seeing the family for 4 years. However, eventually everything is settled and all situations are “razrulivayutsya.” I met a man who helped me. In this case, they did not ask for anything in return. Now a work permit and freedom of movement. It all depends on what price you’re willing to pay. I could not get married by calculation, so I had to wait longer. For some, everything is different. You can walk down the street and meet a man of your dreams 🙂 Good luck.
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Oh, aigul, think about how you are going to file documents if you do not even know what to submit and why you will stay here. And if it does not work out, the visa will be overdue, the guarantor is not found, the means for living will end, what will you do? Well, somehow you will be able to return home, but you will have a stamp in your passport because of an expired visa and, most likely, a ban on entry into Schengen for 5 years, do you need it? Is not it better to start everything in order, find a course or institute or even an internship that interests you, collect all the necessary docks, get a normal study visa, and then a temporary residence permit even after you arrive in Belgium. And then it will be seen, at least, you will have at least some confidence in the future for more than 3 months. Planning ahead to stay in Belgium illegally – this is such an extreme, you hardly really imagine what it is.
If you just want to come and look around now, immerse yourself in the language environment, teach the language on the courses – if you have enough money to pay for housing, food and courses, then of course this is a very good practice. Actually, if there is no evidence of solvency, then it is unlikely that the embassy will issue you a visa, or do you go by private invitation? If the latter, then keep in mind that the person who invited you, signs to pay your expenses and bears responsibility for you, you do not want to substitute him, staying illegally? Understand that for your future, if you are determined to come to live in Belgium, it is better to play by the rules immediately, otherwise you risk losing everything. The visa will end – go home, you better get another one.
“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” (John Lennon)
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thanks to everyone that you answer))
I planned to stay illegally as one of the options, but for some reason my name was renamed, and it turned out that for me this is the main method in question. After the written answers, I generally decided not to use it 🙂
can I get a business visa for 90 days, planning to study at the courses?
the guarantor should be sought in any case, can you instead have a solid amount on the account?
and a certificate of non-conviction for what is needed?
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Dearie, what language do you speak? My husband had a FULL scholarship to study here from Belgium – and at the same time the embassy called up the school and checked everything, did not even take our docks, until we first checked the data in the school. Up to the point that the plan of our apartment and the quadrature were sent from the schools of the institution. And my husband did not come to the courses even for a master’s degree! How to act in an illegal state, I do not understand – it’s not Russia or Ukraine. The policeman will come and check where you live and what YOU live there. What courses do you want to study for 90 days? It seems to me that you do not understand the structure a little. Courses are already in full swing – if you mean the state with a native speaker. and that you will be given courses for 3 months (this is at best if you get all 3 months immediately for courses). And by the way, on the good courses are asked to show ID!
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Mistress aigul, I think that you have been generally explained the situation and in a more specific form it is unlikely that anyone will be describing all the details, since many will have to write. Learn all the info on ULB websites or in the embassy.
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Regarding problems with the police for the illegal. It’s not all that specific. On the one hand, it’s illegal to live like (on what rumors from third-fourth hands) smells of expulsion from the country, but on the other, illegal people here do not seem to hide from anyone. Moreover, demonstrations are arranged by requiring a passport (in which they are insolent), rally (if local newspapers are flipped through), churches are seized with a bout (church azul by way of order). And than the police at this time is engaged, it would be desirable to ask. They catch more violators of traffic rules, fines are collected. Of which, probably pay benefits to those not illegal.
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but on the other hand, illegal people here do not seem to be hiding from anyone. Moreover, demonstrations are arranged by requiring a passport (in which they are insolent)
Vadim is not the illegal immigrants who are immediately expelled. I already posted about them, that is, about “illegally residing” people, who are not easily deported. Because they have registration and permission to appeal, although the latter does not suspend the order about expulsion, but still there are holes in that law.
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Those. you want to say that they are not being expelled and even allowed to go to demonstrations, arrange riots, etc., so-called REFUSALS? And what prevents the same girl from becoming a refusenik? Unless there is no information about the available opportunities.
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Vadim, the difference in illegal immigrants, I explained above in writing. and if it is problematic for you to read, then especially for you:
Those. you want to say that they are not being expelled and even allowed to go to demonstrations, make riots, etc., to so-called REFUSERS.
This is not what I want to say, but it is the old asylum law that allows abandoned people to reside and live in Belgium, appeal to refusals and reapply. In that old law, for example: there is a so-called “non-expulsion clause.” Read about this position on the site MBZ.
And what prevents the same girl from becoming a refusenik?
. but what, did a girl in 2000 seek asylum? Or did she jump on the departing “immigration train” before June 1, 2007? He writes that he is only going to come.
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and a certificate of non-conviction is required by the Hague Convention.