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An internship in Canada is a road to a world of great opportunities.
Co-op program (Co-operative Education Program) allows you to combine training with practical experience during the internship. Internship in Canada and provide students a unique chance to not only improve their English skills, learn a lot from the professional cycle, but also gain practical experience in the chosen specialty. The advantages of programs are that they open up opportunities for students:
combine study with an internship in the specialty. The practical experience gained during the internship will help to achieve the learning objectives. During the internship, students are paid a salary, and they make new contacts. to apply the knowledge gained in practice, in addition, students can learn a lot of new things that they did not learn during their studies. make new friends, mentors, expand their connections and use them in the future. develop skills and abilities that will help you in the future earn money and recoup the cost of the program to get international experience in the resume and a letter of recommendation for a future career to become more confident, independent and responsible, to increase the chances of finding a prestigious job at the end of the program.
One of the employment options is & # 8211; work at the reception desk at the hotel where you will practice English and your communication skills with clients.
As Canadian employers note, the programs have proven themselves as a way of preparing students for work in a rapidly changing world where they need to quickly solve problems and cope with difficulties.
Our happy student who successfully passed the Co-op program and was satisfied with the results.
How is the training conducted? In the first half of the program you study various subjects, including English and subjects of the professional cycle in such specialties as Tourism and Hospitality, Service Sphere, Management, International Business. Often heads and top managers of companies come to lectures to share their experience with students. You will learn how to make effective presentations, communicate with employees and superiors, learn the secrets of successful study in Canada. In the second half of the program you will be able to pass a paid or not paid internship to apply theoretical knowledge on your own experience. During the training you can work up to 20 hours a week and during the holidays you work full time, usually 40 hours. The number of hours of work during the internship depends on the specific program.
The program coordinator will help you with finding a job, after which you need to pass an interview. Our students give the following advice:
Practice interviews in advance with your friends. Often employers ask unexpected questions, be prepared for this. For example, “Tell us about the failures in your previous job”, “You open a new store, come up with 5 methods for attracting new customers on the opening day.” Such questions are asked to you solely to check whether you are eligible for the vacancy. Nobody wants to put you at a dead end. Prepare a sheet of answers to the questions that are most often asked for interviews. Just do not learn the answers, it will allow you to give a full answer to the question. Do your homework. Find out information about the company, its goals, what they do. Also find out what duties are included in your job. When the manager asks you about them, you will already have an answer. You immediately make a pleasant impression and show your interest in the work. Be positive. Be polite, optimistic. You must show the employer that you can treat everything optimistically and professionally. Do not criticize the previous employer and employees, despite everything that happened. Analyze every interview you’ve been through. How long it took place, what answers you gave, what questions asked. Introspection will make it possible to identify the areas on which it is worth working to successfully cope with interviews and public appearances in the future.
Canada is a country with an open migration policy that welcomes all newcomers. The country has favorable opportunities for life, study and development of your skills. The Co-op program is a great start for a successful life abroad and a unique international experience!
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