Iceland pays migrants a large amount of money for marriage – details?
Honestly, I dug around on the Internet and found information both for and against. I will say right away that in Iceland the climate is rather severe. And it reminds us of our Russian north, and there people were always hospitable. Especially in Iceland is a fairly high standard of living, and even immigrants can not be particularly eager to say. It’s like in the movie “The Diamond Arm” when the request comes to us on the Kolyma, the answer was no better than you to us. This is what a wedding in Iceland looks like.
So despite the fact that there is information that this is a fake, namely attracting immigrants 5,000 euros a month for marrying a woman from Iceland and that’s this confirmation.
Just note the official confirmations or denials I have not found .. But we must really look at things that in the Nordic countries there are always problems with the male population. So we have in Yakutia in pre-revolutionary Russia, the Yakuts offered their daughters and wives to the guests. And a hint of this was in the movie “The Ugryum River”.
In the Western media there was information that migrants who married Icelandic girls would be paid monthly “premium” in the amount of 5000 US dollars! This is due to the fact that in this country a very large “skew” in the number of men and women living in it. The last is much more, and they really want to create a full-fledged family and to give birth to children. So the government decided to use this method to attract foreign men to solve this problem. There are reports that Nigerian men prepared an impressive “landing” in this country, the only question is whether the Icelandic Snow Maidens will want to marry them.
Indeed it is, and for the fact that a male emigrant marries a woman from Iceland, he will be able to receive an amount that will be $ 5000 monthly.
The problem is that there are not enough men in this country. And if there are no marriages, in any case, then the birth rate falls and the population of the country does not increase, but decreases year after year.
Therefore, the government of the country stated that it is ready to pay overseas grooms a decent amount in the form of compensation, if he is ready to marry a woman from Iceland.
Now probably there will be a lot of people wishing to go to this country and marry a foreigner.
First, you need to dig on the Internet, and not take information from all sorts of pikabu, yes I cried. All this stuffing and fake information. She went from one African web site. Then the news began to expand on other unreliable African sources. Then she reached us. In general, initially this topic was created as a regular blog and was made by a resident of Africa. Hence the alleged preference for African men. By the way, I saw a Ukrainian source that Ukrainians prefer. In short, we snapped fake all to no one’s laziness and let’s spread lies. If you believe all these sources that this is true, then change the record and look at this source.
I want to upset you, this information is false. Now we do not exactly know where this throw-in came from, but it can be found everywhere on the Internet. But infa does not correspond to reality. Men in Iceland really do not have enough. But the state simply does not have the financial opportunity to pay each foreigner five thousand euros. And they do not want to attract the influx of emigrants to this country either. let us recall at least what is happening now in Germany and other European countries with Syrian refugees.
As if I did not want to believe in a fairy tale only because you are a foreign migrant and married a local girl, no one will pay you, especially permanently, and even a pretty decent amount (5000 euros). It’s nothing more than a divorce.