Iceland: a journey to another planet.
Looking at the temperature outside the window, do not be surprised at the desire to go to Iceland in July. Rather, on the contrary. Julia Suprunova shared with the editorial staff of TRIPMYDREAM her “escape” to a cooler corner of the earth. Read and refresh!
At the top of the list of natural attractions of the country – its waterfalls. These majestic and magnificent masterpieces of nature are considered the most beautiful in the world.
The nature of Iceland was the main reason to go to this country, because it is not like everything that we are used to. I saw absolutely justified myself. The lack of trees, red earth and black sand give the impression that you really are on another planet.
The nature of the island is very diverse: if you want to see the black beaches – go to the South Coast; Observe the circling flocks of birds against the background of rocks – in the western part; admire the glaciers – in the northern corners of the country.
I dreamed of seeing the ocean, and meeting him was memorable. Black beach is a place with a special atmosphere. As a man who grew up near the sea, I got used to walking to the water, wetting my feet, fooling around in the sand. And the ocean is an element with which you need to be careful. But there is a charm in this element.
It was a special pleasure to see sheep and horses grazing near the mountains. That’s why the ideal option is to rent a car so that you can stop at any time and admire the scenery and animals near.
Iceland is a country of waterfalls, mountain, small and large. I remember the “Golden Waterfall” – the power of nature in all its glory!
The weather in Iceland is very changeable, mostly cloudy. And such a gift seems to be sunny days, which you underestimate at home.
Love of the local to nature is transmitted in everything – even in money. On coins, instead of the usual coat of arms, Icelanders prefer to depict different types of fish and crabs.
Almost the entire central part of the city consists of two or three-story houses. Houses – in different colors: in black, white and red tones. To all lead the stairs, next to parked bicycles, many plants. All this creates a unique atmosphere of comfort and tranquility.
Walking around the city everywhere you come across graffiti. Often these are fully painted buildings, large drawings, paintings. They are all very bright, especially the local people like to depict animals and birds. Even advertising institutions in their form of graffiti, and this attracts attention better than any sign. Graffiti with water, with fish – it is impossible to resist and not to photograph.
Of course, we can not say about the famous Lutheran church Hallgrimskirkja. The architecture of the building is impressive, but it also serves as an excellent “beacon” for all travelers who feel insecure in the city, as it is visible from every corner of Reykjavik.
In summer, the beauty of Iceland can be admired around the clock, because in the summer there is almost no night darkness.
We ended up in the white nights. The first days were rather unusual, on a cloudy day there was no difference between day and night. And this was the main reason for our lack of sleep, because it is difficult to fall asleep when it is light outside the window, even if the clock shows 03:00. But this is an excellent opportunity to walk until morning!
Most of all local we met at the zoo Fjolskyldu – og h u sd y ragar urinn. Although this may seem strange, but we almost did not see tourists there, those mostly walk the streets of the city. Even when they bought tickets, they spoke to us in Icelandic. It is evident that the townspeople themselves visit the zoo, especially many families with children.
In the zoo is to go to see the amusing seals swimming in the pool, or Icelandic horses. They can be ironed and fed.
Before the trip I bought a book about Iceland and I was amused by one phrase: “… we went to a bar and it turned out that there were all blondes.” And indeed, when you sit among Icelanders, you are surprised at such a large number of blondes.
Local enough friendly, always answer, help. In English, by the way, almost everyone who can be met in the city and in tourist places speaks. Particularly striking are the cordiality of policemen, who even willingly take pictures with travelers.
Must-visit for all lovers of modern architecture.
Harpa – must – visit for all lovers of modern architecture. It’s a concert hall, but you can get there not only during the concert. Harpa attracts with its unique architecture. Inside – especially, as if you fall into the future, like we do not see exactly. And do not be lazy to climb the stairs, from there an impressive view opens up to the embankment.
Still I advise you to glance at the viewing platform Hallgrimskirkja – from its windows you can admire the city from a bird’s-eye view. It is better to go there on a weekday (for example, on Monday or Tuesday morning), then there definitely is a chance not to get stuck in the queue.
If you want to go to a good coffee house, then this is Re ykj avik Roasters. They serve excellent coffee and delicious croissants, as well as a cozy, homely atmosphere: old plates, soft pillows …
In Vik we found, perhaps, the most beautiful beach of all that we saw. There are also “Troll Rocks”. If you want to bring your loved ones a real piece of Iceland, be sure to grab a pebble from a volcanic beach.
In the valley of the geysers “Sudurland” you can feel a little in the “cosmos”, admiring the unearthly landscapes: springs with constantly evaporating water and geysers, which with great force suddenly “explode”. So suddenly that you forget about everything.
There are not many places in the world where you can see the black beaches, and Iceland is one of them.
An excellent gift option will be a hat. There are a lot of them, different colors and patterns. Especially the accessory will be indispensable for travelers who for some reason forgot to put it in a suitcase. It costs about 15 euros.
You can also bring sweets with you. They are a bit specific, but still worth trying. Make them with liquorice, which is added to chocolate, bars, sweets. And in Iceland is very delicious local chocolate, try it – you will not regret it.
Fans of “stronger” will obviously be interested in Reyka – local vodka, passed through … lava. But it is better to buy vodka and any alcohol not in the city, but in the store dut y free, it will cost you less than 2 times, or even more. And in general, this is one of the few dut y free in the world with a difference in prices of 50% and lower.
If you want to bring a souvenir or a magnet, then be original. It is not necessary to buy them with the symbols of a city or an island, or you can surprise your loved ones with cute dead ends – these are small birds that live only in Iceland.
5 things to do in Iceland.
1. Walk on the glaciers in order to shake the adrenaline in the blood.
2. Swim in hot springs. And do it not in the advertised “Blue Lagoon”, but in any Reykjavik basin.
3. Arrange a walk on the ship to look at the cul-de-sacs or whales.
4. Do not sleep at least one night and fully enjoy the miracle that is called “white nights”.
5. Eat sk yr – it’s delicious Icelandic yogurt, very thick, thicker sour cream. His choice in the stores is huge, with a variety of tastes.