I want to move to live in Germany with Belarus, what is needed for this?
The national visa is valid only for Germany. The initial period of validity is three months, but it can be extended in the German department for foreigners on the basis of training or work in the country.
Buying a property in the Country provides visa benefits. Namely – the right to a Schengen multivisa with the right to stay in the country up to 90 days in a half-year or up to 180 days a year. However, to enter the country for the purchase of real estate will require an entry visa.
Immigration of Jews. if you are not a Jew, do not ride.
– Political refuge. Russia is recognized as a conditionally democratic country, so asylum is given only in exceptional cases. For example, Pussy Riot will give shelter, and you for what?
“Marriage to a German woman.” There are no chances either.
– Business immigration. You need to have a decent business in Russia or a solid amount in a bank. If business in Germany will work will give permanent residence.
– Job. With it in general is now bad in Europe. Throughout the EU, 5.5 million unemployed people under the age of 26 years. If you are any super pro with a unique experience, you can be invited to work. All the rest is a dead number.
– Family reunification. For close relatives living in Germany.
2. Be a Jew and it’s OK to speak German.
3.He has an extremely necessary profession for the country and it’s good to speak German.
4. Have a bag of money to buy real estate and make a fair investment in the development of the country’s economy.
5.Zhenitsya on a German, financially independent of the country.