I want to go live in another city to start a new life, will it work?
It will be compulsory! Belief in this is the first condition, because you should not start a business if you are not sure. Any, moreover, and even more so the move to another city. There are several nuances that will help in this. First, the presence in the city of at least one acquaintance – it will be very useful in the very first stages of development and development of the territory. Second – the availability of specialty, the ability to do something worthwhile with their own hands, which can feed. If you are a freelancer, but the real one, and not just the owner of the crusts of a landscape designer or stylist-parkmacher, then it’s generally easy for you. independence is appreciated in any city and in any country. It is very important that the knowledge of a foreign language – English mainly. And you also need a certain amount of money, which you will need to avoid starving and renting housing, because you will already be under some stress – this is the inevitable factor of change of residence, and if there is nothing to drink coffee, there will be no pipe for it. So, believe in yourself. And all. Everything will turn out.
If a person wants something very much, then everything necessarily turns out for him! When leaving for another city, you should be aware that there you will be left alone. If you are ready for this, then go for it! After all, if you think about it, then the situation is probably serious. Usually, those who have gotten ordinary domestic life, who do not lead to anything good, are being decided on moving. Work-home-work and the absence of any prospects. And there are generally people who are constantly moving. I have an acquaintance who came from the North, began to look for work – I found (but the salary did not suit him very much), worked for a year and went back to the North. There he likes everything. For him, the crossings did not amount to large boars.
If you think about it, then you have reasons to change your place of residence. Apparently, this seems to be the best way out of the situation. Well, nothing particularly unusual in this. Many people move to other cities, settle into them and remain forever. Difficulties, of course, will be, but it seems that in your old place they too are. I also once came to a strange city where I did not know a single person, but now he has become my own. Wish you luck.
it will turn out! however, listen to some advice from a person who moved to another city 3 years ago for permanent residence. First, do not move to nowhere, better choose the city in which you have relatives or acquaintances (you can make friends with someone in advance in social networks and forums). secondly, be prepared for nostalgia, for extreme anguish! it is not necessary at the first boredom of the house to collect things and buy a ticket for the plane. thirdly, do not cut old ties and do not forget to call parents in a day or two. These people love you in any case, but whether it will be possible to find close people in a foreign land is a question.
It will turn out, you just want to move))). Believe me, I have a lot of experience, I managed to do a lot of patching, I changed my place of residence eight times))). It seems that soon for the ninth time in the path “gypsy” (from the great-grandmother got) blood will pull. This is generally easy and not terrible, the main thing is to have finances calculated for a normal life and utility payments for about half a year, by that time you will find a new job and the life will be more or less settled.
If there is a great desire to part with the past and with everyone who surrounds you, if you do not have anything, then, of course, move and you will succeed. The main thing is to think about where you will work and live. And new friends will quickly find. The same new work will be full of new and interesting people. Dare!
Are you ready for this? If you are ready, you certainly know where to start and what to do first. All smart people first try to find out where you can settle for the first time, and then look for their own, plus work. So why do not, dare, do not fold before failure and everything will turn out.
Of course, if you want to do that, it can not be prevented? They say that you can not escape from yourself and you do not have to run from yourself enough to just change yourself, so you do not have to leave, but if you want, you can change the situation.
So you want to leave another country, so that you will not relax much, because you are so tired. It is a pity that there is no money to move another country to live differently. All my life I’ve dreamed and still dream to leave and live in Switzerland.
You need to trust yourself and hope for yourself more. In my life there were many crossings, and none of them was unsuccessful. Nobody believed in me, but I believed in myself. So tell yourself firmly. “Get it!”
And you do not think, it will turn out – nepoluchitsya, take it and leave. In a new place all will be added. or will not follow, but the matter will still move from the dead end.