I want to go abroad for permanent residence.
In the autumn I’ll go to Heildelberg to look around Posmortim, we’ll decide.
Ukraine, Pavlograd.
Olgusha777, this question can not be answered. This is not something that in each country, and even in every city is solved in different ways.
And just type in GOOGLe & quot; permanent residence in Italy & quot; – get a bunch of links and a lot of information to think about.
And it will not only be hard for you, but for your whole family. Then immediately find a lot of local disadvantages, which will be difficult to adapt, because it will come to break their foundations, stereotypes because we have this way, and they have this way. And it will be necessary to break, because you are not at home and for any reason they will have to adapt to their lives. I would consider it all very well and think about it. After all, you, as I understand it, eat where no one waits for you: no work, no roof over your head, or anything. And if you do not know the language, then how are you going to exist there? And do not think that the girls intimidate or dissuade you, you decide to take a decision, you just asked for advice, and they just try to let you know that here too life with its problems, zamorochki, which all collided and face in the course of life abroad. And you will not escape from them, they are completely different at home, but they also exist, and sometimes it is even more difficult to solve them, without someone’s own shoulder, which is always at home to help, and everything will be just for you. So look yourself.
you can not try to never know what you are capable of. Dare and good luck!
Thanks huge. I’ll try this way.
you can not try to never know what you are capable of. Dare and good luck!
That’s what I wanted to hear! Thank you for your frankness!
I have many friends, davolno still successful people, and they are very open to help. Not money of course, but how to have it.
In this case I have to decide for myself, but honestly, if I had time to return, I would not have gone, although if it were not for my husband to move to Germany, I would not have had wonderful children.
I do not even know what to advise.
Here spasibki for good words, and then I really thought that everything is really too bad!
Thank you for the invitation. We must think!
Victosha, that’s the way I moved to a big city from the village! I did not have any relatives and any support, but I rented an apartment with my friend, got a job and later became the head of the department. So, apparently, I’m tenacious!
Oksana, I apologize for the indelicate question, but my German husband?
so what do you think and ponder. Move to another country and you will make a conclusion for yourself, and through someone else and somehow, well, who can advise you in this matter? About the fact that you are in the forefront of what you need to know about the country, social security, work, honey. maintenance and insurance – this is clear to you. from myself I want to write, do not burn bridges behind me. Europe is gradually becoming rotten, now everyone is looking at Russia and China.
Yes, I agree with you that here (in Spain) I feel more secure when, for example, I go with my child on the street than at home in Russia, but in terms of stability in the country as a whole, no one will give you any guarantees . I’ve been living here for 3 years, on arrival everything was not bad, but now in the country there is an economic crisis, the mortgage has more than doubled, huge staff reductions, unemployment, and s / n before, and equals s / n in my last place work in Omsk today. Very hard, at home this is easier. So there are enough pluses, but also minuses too.
The goals of such coordinated changes, of course, are different for all. For example, I have my & quot; goals & quot; achieved: I wanted changes in my personal life – I have a family and a child, I wanted to relax from mental work – now only physical work is available to me.
But seriously, the option of obtaining a residence is very even nothing: I think it will come in handy, if not me, so my children.
Of course, try, than you risk that? it seems to me while there is an opportunity it is necessary to go and go round all world.
you will appreciate the Motherland more.
Of course, try, than you risk that? it seems to me while there is an opportunity it is necessary to go and go round all world.
you will appreciate the Motherland more.
By the way, I, too, are from Kazan!
Yes, and Russia is now rising. but there are problems in any country.
Ol, if there is a desire. need to try.
How many people, so many opinions. but everyone has his own way, his joys and sorrows.
I know one thing, if a person wants, he will always achieve, and if not, then he should fill up the paths with gold. he does not want.
My son received a visa with a residence permit. but does not want to go. what can you do with it. NOTHING.
Many are homesick, but do not return. then something keeps them.
Russia, Australia, Austria, England.
everywhere it is good where we are not.
at the moment the whole world suffers. Believe me.
for example me. a native of Sochi, grew up in Greece and at the moment is munching in Germany, and one thing I can say, in every country there are pluses and minuses. if a person is strong by nature, then he will find himself in any country.